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Sanders come in as many varieties as any tool in the shop, from detail sanders that can reach into corners or smooth molding profiles to heavy belt sanders that quickly grind down uneven edges and flatten rough panels to stationary drum sanders. Most
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  • Tool Test: Oscillating Spindle SandersTool Test: Oscillating Spindle Sanders

    by Bill Peck

    For sanding the edges of curved pieces and cleaning up pattern-routed work, oscillating spindle sanders are handy machines. The movement of the sanding drum helps ...

  • Tool Test: Sanding DisksTool Test: Sanding Disks

    by Andy Beasley

    Using a random-orbit sander is a tedious job, but essential to many woodworking jobs. A rushed job or an inferior product can ruin hours of careful woodworking, ...

  • Why You Need a Benchtop SanderWhy You Need a Benchtop Sander

    by Roland Johnson

    It may not be the star of your workshop, but a benchtop sander handles some jobs better than any other tool. Here, Roland Johnson looks at the types of benchtop ...

  • Tool Test: 6-in. Random-Orbit SandersTool Test: 6-in. Random-Orbit Sanders

    by Mark Schofield

    What do 6-in. random-orbit sanders have over 5-in. models? For starters, 6-in. sanders have a larger sanding surface, more powerful motors, and many work in two ...

  • Tool Guide 2009Tool Guide 2009

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Free online extras from our newsstand-only publication featuring expert tool reviews, videos, and articles

  • A Versatile Sanding StationVideo: A Versatile Sanding Station

    with John White

    A rolling cart features a downdraft table and shop vacs to collect the dust

  • Spindle-Sander BasicsVideo: Spindle-Sander Basics

    with Roland Johnson

    Explore the anatomy and uses of an oscillating spindle sander

  • Tool Test: Spindle SandersTool Test: Spindle Sanders

    by Roland Johnson

    The up-and-down movement of an oscillating spindle sander is ideal for sanding curves. The work goes faster, the abrasive drum lasts longer, and there is less risk ...

  • Random-Orbit Palm SandersRandom-Orbit Palm Sanders

    by Andy Engel

    Random-orbit sanders are the power sanding tool of choice for many woodworkers. Their pads swirl around in a not-quite-circular manner, which makes them more aggressive ...

  • Random-Orbit ShowdownVideo: Random-Orbit Showdown

    with Andy Engel

    Bosch wins top spot for dust collection and aggressiveness in our review of nine sanders

  • Sanding Frames for Flat WorkVideo: Sanding Frames for Flat Work

    with Scott Gibson

    A sanding frame improves the stability of a belt sander on wide surfaces

  • All About SandersAll About Sanders

    by Scott Gibson

  • Choosing and Using Belt SandersChoosing and Using Belt Sanders

    by Scott Gibson

    Belt sanders have long been a mainstay tool for tasks such as flattening glued-up panels, removing mill and burn marks, or evening up two joining surfaces. In this ...

  • Drum Sanders for the Small ShopDrum Sanders for the Small Shop

    by Roland Johnson

    Roland Johnson takes a look at drum sanders to see how they sand, thickness stock, and mill out cups. He looked at cantilevered and closed frame models, and included ...

  • Using an Oscillating Spindle SanderUsing an Oscillating Spindle Sander

    by Bernard Maas

    A spindle-mounted drum sander takes the pain out of cleaning up after the bandsaw and jigsaw. Bernie Maas explains the benefits of using a benchtop oscillating ...

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