8-in. Jointer YC-8J - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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8-in. Jointer YC-8J

Yorkcraft - 8-in. Jointer YC-8J

The Yorkcraft has almost perfectly flat tables and an easy-to-adjust fence that moves on a rack-and-pinion gear.

$650 (As of 12/1/2005)

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Editor Choice-Best Value

Editor's Review: 8-in. Jointers Under $1,400

by William Duckworth

review date: December 1, 2005

The author selected 11 commonly available 8-in. jointers ranging in price from $650 to $1,350, all with either a 1-1/2-hp or 2-hp motor, and evaluated the beds, tables, fences, knives, and ease of making adjustments for each. The Yorkcraft has almost perfectly flat tables and a fence that moves on a rack-and-pinion gear, making it easy to move the fence by just turning a knob. It has a sturdy and comfortable table-lock lever, and lever-infeed and knob-outfeed adjustment. The least expensive of the models tested, it's the only jointer in the group that includes a rolling base.

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Editor Test Results:

Average Table Flatness 0.001 in.
Table Alignment (width/length) 0.002/0.000 in.
Noise Level 82 db.

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Yorkcraft
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-235-2100
Bed Size 8-7/8 in. x 72-1/2 in.
Fence Size 4-7/8 in. x 35 in.
Motor Size 1-1/2 hp
Number of Knives 3
Optional Cutterhead Yes

Have owned it for a few years now...sorry Wilke is out of the machinery business, this is a good 8" jointer and was GREAT value. Solid and well finished coplanar tables, easy and accurate adjustment on the infeed (haven't had to move the outfeed since I got it). Don't love the fence adjustment mechanism - it's the Delta-style rack and pinion, so sticks out the back pretty much - but it's accurate too, and definitely holds the fence where I set it. All in all, this is a nice piece of work for $700.

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