Woodworker's Supply - CleanStop Countersink Bits - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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CleanStop Countersink Bits

Woodworker's Supply - CleanStop Countersink Bits

The CleanStop countersink bits are designed to minimize clogging and burn marks

$60 for a set of 4 (As of 11/1/2008)

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Editor's Review: Expert Lesson: Drill Bits

by Mario Rodriguez

review date: November 1, 2008

Countersink bits are great time-savers because they drill a pilot hole and countersink (or counterbore if needed) in one step. These bits typically include depth stops, too.

On the downside, they tend to clog quickly. If you don't stop regularly to clear the chips, you can burn the wood and overheat the bit. Also, since most depth stops spin with the bit, they can create a disk-shaped burn on the wood.

Woodworker's Supply has worked to solve those problems with its new CleanStop Countersink Bits. Large flutes on the countersink cutter help keep clogging to a minimum. The depth stops have a couple of channels to allow chips to exit freely. At the same time, the depth stop acts like a bearing, allowing the bit to spin while the stop stays fixed in place, so there's no burning.

Improved Countersink Bits

No more burn marks. The depth stop stops spinning when it contacts the workpiece, so it won't leave a burn mark in the wood.

After giving the bits a workout, I concluded they have excellent chip-clearing capability. I was able to drill deep holes without having to withdraw the bit to clear heavy clogs. Every hole was drilled cleanly in one shot, and the non-marring stop collars didn't char the workpiece surface.

A set sells for $60. It includes four sizes of bits, so you can drill holes for the common screw sizes of #6, #8, #10, and #12.  Bits also are available individually. Go to www.woodworker.com.

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Editor Test Results:

Bit Diameter Various
Hole Diameter Various
Average Temperature N/A
Entry-Hole Rating N/A
Through-Hole Rating N/A
Chip Clearing Excellent
Hole Depth N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Woodworker's Supply
Manufacturer's Web Site http://woodworker.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-645-9292
Country of Origin USA
Bit Type Countersink Bits

I am a big fan of Woodworker's Supply. I grew up memorizing their catalogs and dreaming of outfitting my future shop. Now, I purchase 99% of my woodworking supplies from them. My local store has a great team of people that always have answers and friendly service for my questions. I purchased these 2 months ago. I returned them. I was disappointed. The concept of chip removal is excellent, but does not work. The chips do not crawl up between the fluting and the stop ring, as much as needed for a real countersink improvement. The chips still get stuck after several countersinks. But, poking the chips with a scratch awl or something similar dislodges the chips. So, the CleanStop is still an improved countersinking concept. The bigger problem is this countersink only has 2 flutes and not the industry standard of 4 flutes. This makes a big difference. I would rather suggest the Jack Rabbit to my friends. A great compromise would be to buy the CleanStop countersink rings only and fit them on the Jack Rabbit countersinks. The Jack Rabbit has 4 flutes, stays sharp and is very aggressive. Additionally, the Jack Rabbit provides the benefit of having the screw bit driver concealed in the shaft for quick assembly.

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