Woodtek - 148-271 Hybrid Tablesaw - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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148-271 Hybrid Tablesaw

Woodtek - 148-271 Hybrid Tablesaw

The Woodtek 148-271 features digital angle readout, a built-in rolling stand, and a wide rip capacity

$900 (As of 12/1/2007)

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Editor Choice-Best Overall Editor Choice-Best Value

Editor's Review: Tool Test: Hybrid Tablesaws

by Tom Begnal

review date: December 1, 2007

The Woodtek 148-271 includes digital angle readout and a built-in rolling stand. At 36 inches, the tablesaw featured the widest rip capacity of machines tested. It also showed the most cutting power in our tests. When the tablesaws were pushed fairly aggressively, to 7-1/2 fpm, the Woodtek was the only one that didn’t bog down. The blade-elevation crank among is among easiest to turn and the power switch is user-friendly.

I tested the Woodtek's blade-to-slot parallelism (parallel test) and the machine showed 0.002-in. (at 0º) and 0.008-in. (difference @ 45º). I also checked arbor runout (measured at the face of the arbor-flange) and the Woodtek had 0.000-in.

Note: The Woodtek saw is available at Woodworker's Supply (800-645-9292).

-Updated price 10/15/08

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Editor Test Results:

Table Flatness Satisfactory
Parallel Test (See above)
Arbor Runout (See above)
Noise Level N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Woodtek
Manufacturer's Web Site www.woodworker.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-645-9292
Max Rip Capacity 36 in.
Dust Collection 4-in. dust port
Fence Biesemeyer-style fence
Horsepower 2 hp
Amps 18 amps
Volts 110v
Table Size 27 in. by 44 in.
Blade Size 10 in.
Blade Tilt Left

I bought this saw about six months ago - runs very, very smooth, lots of power. Fence needed minor adjustment - was about .003" off of plumb - took about two minutes to fix. It has been a great saw -love it. One thing - you have to be careful about how thick a kerf your blade has - I had a Forrest Woodworker II on it and the blade was not wide enough to make a cut as wide as the splitter. I had to replace my thin kerf blade with a thick kerf one.

Not only am I a Hybrid saw user I also work for Woodworker's Supply, who is the only distributor of Woodtek products and for good guy to say we have exploited the excellent review of our saw is uninformed. Obviously "Good Guy" has blinders on and hasn't noticed the increase in all machinery brands. Every tool brand we sell has gone up markedly in the past year. Since late 2007 our cost after import on the hybrid saw has gone up almost 29%. If you open up a pro account with us you receive discounts on everything we sell. Good guy if you ever read this, please get your facts correct before you accuse of being predatory. Last I checked,this is a user review of the machinery stated, not the store or supplier. The last thing FWW needs is the type of user reviews that morons post on ***zon.com about their back ordered widget and how they got crappy customer service. We stand behind our machines and that's a lot more than some of the big guys do.

I have only been wood working for a few years. I have owned this saw for about a year and really like it. The quality is good and setup out of the crate was 'spot on'. My shop area is limited so the ability to move the saw out of the way quickly is a great feature for me. I do wish there was a router table insert in the table. That would save me even more space in my shop. Some more fence options at the time of purchase would have been appreciated also.

I began to investigate purchasing this saw after reading the FWW article by Tom Begnal on hybrid saws. I read many of the blogs on this site and began to worry that I would not be able to find the saw and then find it at a reasonable price. I had no difficulty finding the saw and was able to negotiate a price of just over $800, which I think was very reasonable. I found the staff at Wood worker supply very helpful and am very pleased with my purchase. My only complaint is with the saw documentation, it is very limited, poorly written and contains almost no tuning information. With that said the saw was relatively easy to put together, the fit and finish is exactly what I expected. I added a Kreg KMS7102 percision mitre gauge and hooked the saw hooked up to a standard 120v as expected the supplied blade was not adequate so I also replaced that. For my purposes this is a great saw. I have yet to make any tuning adjustments and it is performing nicely out of the box. I have limited space and having the built in wheels is a great plus for me. I would highly recommend this saw. The only reason I did not rate it as excellent is because I can not find zero clear table inserts and as I mentioned already the less than expected documentation.

Yes the saw is good, (my friend got one) and at the original price was a fair deal. Woodworker.com is exploiting the successful review by jacking up the price. ( nearly 20%) In general, FW does a good job of giving us informative, fair, honest reviews. In this case, the sole US seller for Woodtek is profiteering from FW's reputation. As a group, (FW readers) we can express our distain for this unconscionable greed by e-mailing Woodworker.com and telling them we will not buy anything from them again until they rescind this profiteering policy. They will make lame excuses and lie, of course; and say that gas prices and shipping costs or even "the economy" is the problem. The ONLY thing wrong with our economy is when we let the greedy take advantage of us. It doesn't matter who the perpetrators are: Wall-Street, International bankers, or online tool retailers. It is always up to the buyer to beware. It is difficult to fight entrenched Wall Street criminals, especially when they are given free-reign by corrupt politicians. But it is easy to fight the opportunistic greed of an online retailer. If woodworker.com receives hundreds of e mails and sees a dramatic drop in orders from active FW readers, then they will understand that their best customer base does not approve of this blatantly avaricious behavior. Boycott woodworker.com. Send them your well-worded and polite e-mails regarding the sudden change in price on this table saw. Refuse to support their greedy "gotcha" capitalism. Capitalism is not necessarily all bad. It works best when informed consumers use their collective strength to make opinions known and "vote" with their dollars. Refusing to give undeserved extra profit to the greedy sends a clear message, levels the "playing field" for honest competition and ultimately strengthens the economy.

The saw arrived in very good condition and is exactly as reported in the Fine Woodworking review. A few negatives: There were no instructions for installing the rails or fence. I have never used this type of fence and had to visit my local tool store for some guidance. Turned out to be fairly easy - but instructions would be nice. Also, I was surprised to find out that getting accessories for this saw is a problem. For example inserts (zero clearance and dado) are not available. I called the company and their response was we are working on it. That was several months ago. Otherwise this saw is a great value for the quality and price.

The saw is manufactured in Taiwan exclusively for Woodtek, a brand name owned by Wood Workers Supply. Best I can tell Woodtek has a great thing going here as the specifications under which this saw is Woodtek culminate into a wonderful product at a good value. I received mine in great shape well packaged and easy to assemble. there were minor issues like the beveled edge on the table wings were not ground to the same angle or width so therefore did not match well to the center table but has no bearing on how the saw performs. I have made a few cuts on sheet plywood using the supplied blade with virtually no tear out which attributes to its tight tolerance and vibration free performance. Except for the digital angle read out there are no frills just solid manufacturing attention to detail where it counts. I did some initial measurements on critical dimensions such as fence to blade parallelism and slot to blade parallelism and they are very close to dead on straight from the factory. Looking forward to putting on some serious blades and getting down to some serious cuts.

this saw is all FWW said about it,so read their review.Especially the built in wheels. I am an old geezer and unpacked it and put in place with no help. The shipping and packaging was excellent and the response from the people at woodworkers was outstanding.I should have given it four stars because the manual is so poorly written, but the help from woodworkers negated this

I am convinced this saw does not exist, and cannot be purchased in the US. No stores carry it, nor recognize it as an item. I assume your test product was simply a prototype of a one-time model and any in production models were sold to Woodworkers Supply that charges a unrealistic premium and an extremely high fee for shipping. I feel set up, and will await the next test by someone else. When testing products, Taunton Press should reveal the availability of the products.

I was in need of new table saw and when I read the article in F/W I ordered it from Woodworks Supply.It was on back order until May.Received it May 15th.What a great saw lots of power a great fence and the digital is great. I'am very happy with it.Thanks F/W. Ray

Well, four months ago my old Craftsman contractor saw died. I read the article in FineWoodworking and decided to order the Wood-Tek hybrid saw. I called to place the order and was told the saw was on back order and wouldn't be shipping until June. As I had a couple of projects to build and needed a table saw I decided to go with the Grizzly. I have been very happy with my new saw. When the email came from FineWoodworking asking for reviews of the Wood-Tek saw I decided to check on availability. It is on back order still or again. Has anybody really received this saw except for FineWoodworking for their story. I see no reviews here about the saw.

Unquestionably for this novice (non-professional, hobbyist who builds furniture) woodworker the Woodtek Hybrid is an excellent woodworking value. I replaced a tablesaw that had been pushed to its limits by a contractor that I had hired to build deck railings. The saw never ran the same when this guy finished his work. The Woodtek Hybrid was an answer to my woodworking needs. If you are interested in a stationary tablesaw that costs $3000 don't buy a hybrid buy the $3000 saw but for me and my woodworking needs this is a top drawer item. Woodtek did a great job on this saw and I highly recommend it.

Hi Folks,No review here... just answering questions from below. Woodworker’s Supply makes and sells this saw. Go to woodworker.com or call 1-800-645-9292.Gina Eide, FineWoodworking.com

I have not tried this product but I found it on woodworker.com

Hey guys, aren't we supposed to be reviewing the product here? None of the first 5 reviews says a single thing about the product! It's hard to tell if you have a problem with the product, the article, or just the price.I guess I'm guilty of a new way of going off track - reviewing the reviews.



Thanks for the hybrid saw article.I am having the same problem finding who sells the Woodtek saw (which sounds like the best of the group).Let me know if anyone knows where to buy one - other than woodworker.com.


Hi Tom,thank you for your recent article on the hybrid tablesaws. I was somewhat surprised to see this Woodtek as part of the lineup. None of my woodworking dealers carry this brand, nor do online merchants. The only place I found it was at woodworker.com, which you list as the manufacturer's Web site and it wasn't. It looked like the only place on earth that carries this brand. I would have purchased one from them but they charged close to retail and a bunch for shipping. Any one knows where these are sold? Thanks.

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