50100 14-in. Bandsaw - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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50100 14-in. Bandsaw

Steel City Tool Works - 50100 14-in. Bandsaw

The Steel City 50100 bandsaw features a 1-1/2 hp motor, a cast iron frame, and an integrated mobile base. Adding a riser-block accessory increases the resaw capacity from 6-3/4 in. to 12 in.

$700 (rip fence: 130) (As of 12/1/2007)

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Editor's Review:

by Thomas McKenna

review date: December 1, 2007

With a 1-1/2-hp motor, this new bandsaw from Steel City Toolworks (model 50100) has plenty of power. We immediately added an optional riser block, which gives the saw a generous 12 in. of resaw capacity. And there’s plenty of cast iron—the frame, wheels, table, and trunnion supports—which adds heft and helps the saw absorb vibration.

The saw also has handy features such as a convenient paddle-type on-off switch, an integrated mobile base, and a quick-release blade-tension mechanism. Bearing-type guides offer tool-free adjustment, a big plus. But the guides are mounted to shafts that tended to stick a bit, making for some sudden over-adjustments.

Performance-wise, the saw deftly cut all manner of curves, and resaw cuts were satisfactory. On the downside, the blade guards—both the regular-length guard that comes with the saw and the extra-long version that comes with the accessory riser-block kit—sit unusually low, making it difficult to see the cut line in some cases. Unlike the long version, the standard guard has a plastic window to help make it easier to see, but the plastic distorted the view of the cut line, so the result was not ideal.

Also, no matter how much muscle I applied, the lock knobs for the table-tilt mechanism did not adequately lock the table in place. It wouldn’t likely be a problem with medium-weight stock, but a heavy board just might cause the table to shift.

Overall, the Steel City 50100 14-in. bandsaw is a solid performer. It needs only a blade guard that allows for better viewing of the cut, and a better table lock. With those changes, it would have everything you could ask for in a midsize bandsaw, and at a great price.

Editor Test Results:

Blade Changing Easy
Table Flatness N/A
Frame Deflection N/A
Wheel Alignment 0.047, top behind
Runout N/A
Tension N/A
Quality of Cut Good
Table-Lock Effectiveness Fair

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Steel City Tool Works
Manufacturer's Web Site www.steelcitytoolworks.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 877-724-8665
Rip Fence Included No, sold as accessory, $130 (model 50405)
Riser Block Option Yes, sold as accessory (model 50400)
Rip Capacity 11-3/4 in.
Guide Type Double Bearing
Table Tilt 10° left; 48° right
Table Size 16 in. square
Horsepower 1-1/2 hp
Amps N/A
Volts 115v
Speed N/A
Blade N/A
Resaw Capacity 6-3/4 in., 12 in. with riser block

The blade guard could be better (viewing cuts) but haven't had any problems with locking the table. The table knobs are cast, so I'm not afraid to really torque down on them.Saw was pretty much ready to go right out of the box. Alignment was dead on, wheels coplanar, haven't had to adjust a thing really. Riser kit now installed, cutting 1/16" veneers of beech for fun. Dust collection seems pretty good. Very pleased with this saw.

I like the ease of blade changing and the saw cuts well in all table positions. I do have a problem with the visibility of lines on the work piece with the guard dropped down to the advised height, another problem I encountered was the inability to tighten the table when tilting.

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