SensGard - ZEM Hearing Protection - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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ZEM Hearing Protection

SensGard - ZEM Hearing Protection

This device blocks harmful noise but still allows voices and other sounds to be heard.

$25 (As of 2/1/2006)

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Editor's Review:

by Craig Smith

review date: February 1, 2006

We've all heard the term "an ounce of prevention," but in this case it's 1.7 oz.--the weight of the new ZEMs hearing-protection system made by SensGard. Sound in the ear canal is directed into a hollow chamber where it is absorbed by a dampening material and cancelled out by reflection from the ends of the tube. After several months of use, I found the noise reduction comparable to earmuffs. Because they are so comfortably small and light, I wear them around my neck and put them on every time I do something noisy.

--Craig Smith is a woodworker in upstate New York.

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Manufacturer SensGard
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These are not very comfortable for a extended period of time. The foam end of the Sensguard can only conform so much to your ear opening. Getting a good seal is challenging. I've had them since it was reviewed in FWW. 6 pairs of replaceable foam openings later, I lost the rubber bridge piece that connects the right and left ear piece( one piece too many). Maybe when the shop gets cleaned, they'll turn up.

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