Rojek - Combination Machine KPS 300A - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Combination Machine KPS 300A

Rojek - Combination Machine KPS 300A

The Rojek combination machine features a sliding table with a maximum 12-in. blade, shaper, planer, jointer, and slot mortiser.

$10,114 (As of 2/1/2003)

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Editor's Review:

by Asa Christiana

review date: February 1, 2003

The Rojek has more mass than the others in its group, which is always good. The size and weight of the machine more than likely helped the planer-jointer, saw and shaper make smooth cuts with less vibration. The Rojek comes with a four-knife cutterhead, and the machine has a thick, strong base and a solid rip fence that rides on thick rails. It also has the longest outrigger travel, which means I didn’t have to move the crosscut table to the back of the sliding table to use the saw’s entire stroke. The crosscut table, which is loosened with one knob, slid easily to various positions along the table. The saw accepts a dado head.

While in the past the Rojek line had not included a tilting shaper spindle, as most of the other machines do (a popular option because it creates many potential profiles for a single cutter), Tech Mark said a tilt option will be available early this year. Like the MiniMax, the Rojek offers a quick-change router spindle, but the speed tops out at 10,000 rpm.

While the Rojek is the most heavy-duty machine in its group, there are a few crude areas in its design. For one, there is no easy way to adjust the level of the crosscut extension table where it attaches to the sliding table short of grinding or filing its bearing surfaces. On the machine I tested, this table sat 0.011 in. high at one end of the slider, and level at the other—not a deal-breaker, but troublesome. You’d want to pick a spot along the sliding table to locate the crosscut table for your most accurate cuts. The planer-jointer design has a few drawbacks. The jointer fence must come off to allow the tables to be lifted for planing, and the planer bed must be cranked down to the 8-in. mark (100 cranks) to allow the dust hood to be reversed for jointing, giving this machine the slowest changeover time. Also, the bar that supports the rip fence sticks out in front of the planer, not in the way of boards being fed but awkward for the user.

Additional Notes: The planer design is problematic. The support bar for the saw’s rip fence remains between the user and the planer, and the jointing tables open outward, making the user go farther to reach a board. The shaper is almost dust free. The Rojek is the only machine in its price group to offer a dust port under the table as well as in the fence/hood assembly. The shaper is almost dust free. The Rojek is the only machine in its price group to offer a dust port under the table as well as in the fence/hood assembly. Price includes optional mortising unit, with scoring blade standard.

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