Porter-Cable - Circular Saw 324MAG - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Circular Saw 324MAG

Porter-Cable - Circular Saw 324MAG

This circular saw from Porter-Cable features a light-weight magnesium body and base, and a quick blade changing mechanism.

$130 (As of 1/2/2005)

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Editor's Review:

by Mike Guertin

review date: January 2, 2005

This 15-amp saw looks big but weighs only 9.6 lb. due to the magnesium body and base. Blade changes are fast with the unique Quik-Change - a spring-loaded lever that slides out from the face of the blade bolt, so you’ll never need a wrench. The depth-of-cut adjustment lever is tucked between the handle and blade guard, where measurements are are embossed for easier reference. The bevel also is lever-adjusted with a positive stop at 45° slide that lever and bolt sideways, and you reach the 50° maximum bevel angle. The dust port can be rotated to connect with a vacuum hose or left straight to discharge dust out the rear.

Editor Test Results:

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Porter-Cable
Manufacturer's Web Site www.deltaportercable.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 888-848-5175
Blade Size 7 1/4 in.
Maximum Depth Cut N/A
Amps 15 amps

This is the newest version of the PC circular saw. I used the older model 743k 734k l&r blade circular saws extensively and love them both. I dont know why they took perfection and screwed it up with this model of saw it just doesnt compare in quality one bit. I got one of these to replace one of the old ones when it fell off a ladder and bent the base.If anyone from Porter Cable ever reads this,do your company a favor and re release the former circular saw model. One more thing to note the tool less blade change on this thing though it never broke on me seems really cheap and toyish like most of the rest of this saw.

I bought the saw because I needed an upgrade for a big fence and deck project. Like a previous rater, I just couldn't get the saw to cut straight. Although I've never had problems before, I thought it might just be me: a hobbyist/homeowner. Well, I had a friend come help a few days who is in building trades. He couldn't get a straight cut either. Turns out the blade wasn't straight to the shoe, and it can't be adjusted.

If the 324Mag is not the best saw on the market, it is not far from the top. It features a powerful 15HP motor, plenty of power for plywood, framing timber, rip cuts and more. The magnesium body and base make this saw sturdy but comparatively light. Two features that set this saw apart from its competitors is the quick-change blade and the exhaust port. I rarely have the need to change blades, but I use the exhaust port constantly with my shop vacuum.I have been using this saw regularly for about a year now and have not had wobbly cuts or difficulty cutting anything, especially not plywood.

What's not to like?: lightweight, powerful, well-built. I had to learn to really be aware to hold it against the fence/ straightedge because it's lightweight and sharp, easy to get off track. Beyond that, it's great. I've been using it regularly for 16 months now with no problems.


I may have a lemon but this saw is awful. I've used a few different jigs to rip and crosscut sheet goods and can't get a strait cut to save my life. Also, the saw bogs down severely in 3/4" plywood. After further inspection the blade is not straight (and there is no adjustment) and arbor/bearings are wobbly and loose.

I found that the motor bogged down when making long cuts(8ft) in plywood. I was using a plywood blade. The blade also came loose several times.

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