18-Gauge Brad Driver T200-F18 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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18-Gauge Brad Driver T200-F18

Paslode - 18-Gauge Brad Driver T200-F18

The Paslode 18-gauge brad driver features a nail-depth adjustment mechanism and drives nails from 5/8 in. to 2 in. long.

$100 (As of 2/1/2004)

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Editor Choice-Best Overall

Editor's Review: Tool Test: Brad Nailers

by Roland Johnson

review date: February 1, 2004

A good 18-ga. brad nailer should be able to drive a variety of nail sizes and to place the nail where you want it to go. It should be easy to load and indicate clearly when the nail supply is low. The safety guard should be positioned behind the nose to give a better view of nail placement, and a driver-guide cover that's easy to remove makes clearing jammed nails a breeze. The depth-of-set adjusters should be easy to read and use, and the exhaust port should be adjustable to direct air away from the user. A one-handed carriage-release lever is convenient.  The Paslode nailer was the favorite in the group. This lightweight tool has serious power and drove nails consistently. The depth of set was easliy adjusted and nail jams cleared quickly. It has an easy-to-read nail-capacity view port.

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Editor Test Results:

Driver-Guide Cover Removal Srping-loaded latch on side of nail carriage

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Paslode
Manufacturer's Web Site www.paslode.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 847-634-1900
Depth Adjustment Thumbwheel beneath trigger
Exhaust-Port Adjustment Rotating plastic cover
Safety Guard Behind nose
Belt Hook None
Nail Size 5/8 in. - 2 in.
Battery Size N/A

This is a very reliable very lightweight nailer. I have owned one for several years and have yet to get a misfire.The weight of it is nothing you cant even feel the weight of the gun when it is in your hand. It also comes with a bump fire trigger which is easy to install. Great gun!

This may turn out to be a great nailer but the owners manual tells you nothing except how to load the nails. Since this was my first nailer I called tech support which resulted in a 20 min. wait. After trying it I had more questions but didn't want another 20 min. wait so I guess I'll stumble along for awhile.

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