Dust Deputy - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Dust Deputy

Oneida - Dust Deputy

The Dust Deputy can be bolted to the canister of almost any shop vacuum

$99 (As of 9/1/2009)

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Editor's Review: Small-Shop Dust Collectors

by Asa Christiana

review date: September 1, 2009

Cyclonic dust collectors are elegantly simple. Create the right cone shape, suck dust in at the correct angle, and the heavy stuff settles at the bottom while cleaner air goes out the top. Oneida’s new Dust Deputy proves this theory at the low end of the size and price scale.

I used the $99 Dust Deputy Kit, which comes with two 5-gal. buckets, one for the dust and another that bolts to your vacuum canister to hold the first pail. When I snapped the tiny plastic cyclone onto a bucket, connected it to my shop vacuum, and added a little wooden leg so the whole thing didn’t tip over, the cyclone turned my poor-performing vacuum into a powerful machine.

 Dust Deputy
Clean filter means full power.
With the Dust Deputy attached, the filter stays surprisingly clean.

To torture-test the unit, I replaced the dust-caked HEPA filter in my vacuum with a new one, and spent an hour vacuuming several months worth of dust from every surface in the shop. The cyclone bucket filled up three times, but the vacuum canister remained empty, and the filter had only the finest layer of dust. As a result, the suction was at least twice as powerful as before, and it never let up.

 Dust Deputy
Not very portable.
The Dust Deputy and shop vacuum in tandem result in a rig that’s awkward and tippy. A short wood leg added to the Deputy bucket helps keep everything upright.

The significant downside is that the buckets/cyclone must stay tethered to your vacuum by a short hose, leaving you to drag everything around. Also, the multiple hoses and cyclone lid kept popping off. A few sheet-metal screws would secure the hoses. I recommend the Dust Deputy for folks who don’t have to move their shop vacuums much. I’ll use it for my router table, chopsaw, and sander, which are within 10 ft. of each other, but I’ll stick to my broom and dustpan for shop cleanup. For more information, go to www.dustdeputy.com.

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Editor Test Results:

Performance Very Good
Noise N/A
Approx. Maximum cfm N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Oneida
Manufacturer's Web Site www.oneida-air.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-732-4065
Inlet Diameter 2-in.
Standard Filter N/A
Optional Filter N/A
Horsepower N/A

In OZ these little rippers are a staggering $200! So when I wanted to cut down on the horrendous cost of Festool dust extractor bags, I went looking for a cyclonic or chamber unit. I spent many weeks going over every model on the market, and very consistently the Dust Deputy was rated the best in every case, so I took a second mortgage on the home and swaggered into CarbaTec and bought one. I coulnd't be happier with the result. I used to go through a new bag on my Festool CT36 every few weeks. In fact I bought a cheap Ryobi dust extractor to suck the dust out of my CT36 bags so I could re-use them! Now though, the proofs in the udding, as after 2 years of use, the bag on my CT36 is still almost completely empty, apart from a very small amount of the really fine stuff that still gets through. I now have this permanently connected to my Festool extractor, and also use it for my lathe and mill for metal shaving, and my cnc machines. Metals, plastics, dropped screws, dust, dirt, mdf, it works beautifully with them all, and with no noticeable drop of pressure from the extractor. Worth it's weight in gold, it's saved me a small fortune on Festool bags! Highly recommend it to anyone.

I purchased this item with only the cyclone for $60, planning to provide my own bucket and use my Sears 4.0 Hp Vacuum. Installation and hookup worked fine with the instructions. I could not give this product an excellent for only one reason. My bucket choices kept collapsing. I first used the typical paint bucket from Home Depot in my case and it collapsed as soon as I started to vacuum the router shavings off a worktable. I kept moving up to various thicker materials and re-attached the cyclone to a plywood base for flexibility. In conclusion, I recommend using at least a metal bucket or small garbage can. A $20 10 gallon metal feed bucket with a plywood cover would work. I now use a Grizzly canister that I got from the parts list from their cyclone dust collectors. I ended up spending almost $300 in trial and error which is nearly enough to buy a dust collector. If you start from the right products, you can do this for less than $100, or just buy their $100 option, assuming the bucket Oneida provides is sturdy enough.

I use the the Dust Deputy almost entirely for my table saw and router. After emptying about 10 gallons of saw dust from my Dust Deputy with nothing showing up in my shop vac, I decided to try to foil it. This is what I found that it does NOT do well: - styrophome shavings/beads/dust sticks in the plastic cyclone. - dust from sanding drywall/compound goes through to the vac. - leaves, paper (stuff that is light, thin and flat gets jammed. - I tried sucking up a large pile of saw dust at one time and it overwhelmed the system. If you stick to saw dust from a router, table saw, etc, you will be thrilled. My only complaint was that the weight of my shop vac hose pulled the top off. I assume it comes off easily for cleaning. I taped it back on and went on. Not pretty, but works like a champ.

This little thing is fantastic. Though I wish the inputs and outputs fit my vac hoses better. I mainly use this with my sanders and after 4 gallons of fines, my vac's filter barely had any dust on it at all.

I waited for Oneida to produce these at a lower cost so I could justify it's cost and I have not been disappointed. I made a wood platform to securely position mine above my Rigid shop vac to reduce it's foot print. I've even run black ABS pipe from the vac to the Dust Deputy so as to increase air flow, leaving two joints press fit for easier removal when emptying the five gallon bucket. This works as advertised and I absolutely love it. A picture is posted on the Knot's site. (See link below) http://forums.taunton.com/fw-knots/messages?msg=47918.1&mode=advanced&u=1385087019

I put my Dust Deputy on my Fien vacuum. It does a great job in separating the heavy stuff from the dust. Just as advertised. However, the lid on my Deputy falls off because it's not cemented onto the vortex piece. My connection to the Fien is "hillbillyed" duct taped to try and make the two pieces move as one. The hose off the top of the Deputy has to be kinked around to connect to the horizontal inlet of the vacuum which makes the whole unit top heavy and very awkward to move. Oneida needs to create a means of attaching the Deputy to vacuums to make this a truly shop usable tool. Their marketing information shows their unit attached to various vacuums using wood shelves. They should release those plans and ideas to their customers. I would probably buy another Deputy.

I have the metal version and it works great. I built a small mobile cart for the dust deputy and my vac and I can wheel them around with relative ease. Although not as mobile as the vac alone, the additional suction and virtually never needing to clean or replace the filter is well worth the reduced mobility.

The Oneida Dust Deputy works as well as advertised, possibly better. It turns a cheap shop-style wet and dry vacuum into a machine that actually does an excellent job of collecting dust. The recent review by Asa Christiana indicates that he had trouble with the hoses popping off and with the bucket lid coming unsealed. Contrary to the approach taken by Christiana, I bought just the cyclone, bought the buckets (orange) and necessary hardware at Home Depot and have had none of the problems he experienced. As for tipping over, it found it straightforward to put a leg on the cyclone bucket, afix a caster, and drag the thing around by the hose without it ever tipping over. As for space consumption, any space used is well worth giving up because of the improved performance of your vacuum. This may be the best $70 you will ever spend. Tablesawyer

I own the Dust Deputy with its own collection tank and I agree that it's best used in a stationary mode. All the hoses from the vac and from the Deputy itself make it more than awkward to try and use it for general shop clean-up. I am making a cart with casters on it to mount it and the Shop Vac I use to facilitate moving the thing around. The deputy does work as advertised, capturing most if not all of the debris I pick up into its own tank -- the Shop Vac container stays fairly empty. The hose connections do tend to slip off and sometimes if you get carried away by venturing too far from the unit to get that little sawdust pile in the corner, you will tip the unit over. Because of these "nit-picks" I rated it only "Fair"

I am a contractor in southern Maine. I use my shop for normal contracting jobs as well as occasional custom kitchens. I have two of the Oneida Dust Deputies, one with the 5 gallon plastic cannister, and one with the 10 gallon steel cannister. The smaller one is on the tablesaw along with a portable dust collector. I have these set up to turn on when I turn the saw on, and turn off a few seconds after I shut down. The larger one is on the shaper, also in tandem with a portable dust collector. Both perform exactly as you say in your review. I seldom have to do anything with the vacuums themselves; they stay clean! An added bonus: I share shop space with my wife who does classes for people who want to learn every type of craft under the sun. She, (and they), cannot have dust all over the shop. So, along with a Jet air cleaner, as well as some Festool sanders, and other very efficient tools that collect dust very well, we now have a virtually dust free shop.

This product works exactly as advertised. After 2 months of using it mostly with my random orbital sanders, my 7.5 gal bucket was half filled with talc powder like sawdust. My ShopVac was EMPTY! The HEPA filter had only the finest coating of dust and looked almost brand new. Amazing! I mounted my vac and bucket on a piece of plywood holding everything together with elastic hold-down straps and screwed the plywood to a dolly. The whole contraption rolls around easily. I recommend this to anyone wanting to clean up their act with their hand held power tools.

I have the slightly larger Dust Deputy with the 10 gal steel drum and have been using it for about 6 months in my wood work shop. Works great but is a bit of a hassle if you have to move it around. Using a second Shop Vac hose eliminates most of the moving though. Regarding wood ash, I have a fireplace insert and an ash pit that I clean-out once a year in the summer. I took out 100 gal. of ashes: filled the steel drum 10 times. I found that the Shop Vac canister did not have a significant amount of ash in it, but the filter needed to be cleaned with every other emptying of the Dust Deputy drum. Probably the fineness of the ash allows it to be passed through the Dust Deputy.

I agree. this is the best vac filtration system out there. I only wish they made an affordable all in one system so that you didn't have to drag around two separate components. They make several but they are in the thousands of dollars.

I have been using the Dust Deputy for over a year and have not had to clean the filter in the ShopVac. Almost no dust in the ShopVac except when I removed the Dust Deputy to vacuum up some floor area and did not clean out the last bit of sawdust. Routing is now an almost dustless operation. Sanding with it is amazing. I have emptied the Dust Deputy tank many times. I wouldn't be without one.

Once and awhile a product comes along that really works great and this is one of them. I use to dread emptying my shop vac and cleaning the filter it was a dusty dirty job, this piece of equipment all but eliminates that now all i have to do is empty a five gallon pail. It really does a great job.

I bought my dust deputy 6 months ago and have loved it. The real test was when this last spring I cleaned out my wood burning stove for the summer. I vacuumed out about 1 quart of fine ash dust. I started with a clean shop vac filter and after I finished I took it out of the vac and tapped the filter cartridge several times and had almost no dust fly off the filter, but there was a quart of ash dust in the dust deputy. The only negative is the ground wire they recommend, it is just a nuisance.

This is a GREAT ADDITION to a regular ShopVac. The Fine Wood Working review pretty much says it all, except to mention that the Dust Deputy has NO MOVING PARTS ! Just put it next to your shopvac. I attach two 10-foot hoses to my Dust Deputy to reach everything in my shop so I don't have to move the Deputy. It makes collection a pleasure. If you don't already have a cyclone, then GO BUY A DUST DEPUTY.

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