Circular Saw 6390-21 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Circular Saw 6390-21

Milwaukee - Circular Saw 6390-21

This circular saw from Milwaukee features a unique front handle built into the saw table rather than the body

$140 (As of 1/2/2005)

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Editor's Review:

by Mike Guertin

review date: January 2, 2005

Milwaukee’s well-designed saw made fast, accurate cuts. The handles and adjustments were comfortable and convenience. The front handle is attached to the saw table instead of the body and offered great leverage and control when making difficult cuts.

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Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Milwaukee
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-729-3878
Blade Size 7 1/4 in.
Maximum Depth Cut 2 7/16 in.
Amps 15 amps

I bought this saw after doing lots of research and relying on other peoples' ratings. However, after having used it for a while I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed. Since currently I cannot afford a decent table saw (yet) I figured I'll go with a circular saw and some jigs to get precision cuts done. And that's exactly where this saw is lacking. If you push down slightly on the engine/handle part, the front right corner of the base will bend upwards and therefore the whole upper assembly tilts, resulting in a non-square, wobbly cut. For full-depth cuts I was able to reduce the tilt to a minimum buy supporting the engine part with a piece of thin wood. However, that is quite more difficult to do for variable height cuts.Years ago I had an ancient circular saw and don't remember any such problems. I think the reason is that that saw had the tilting mechanism mounted in the center of the base, whereas the Milwaukee saw has it mounted very far to the right, lacking support for the heavy engine protruding to the left.If I were to buy another circular saw I might try the Porter Cable, especially since that one has a dust collection port (I didn't remember what a mess circular saws make but I'll take that blame myself ;-)

After approximately 5 yrs of on the job service this is still my favorite saw. Well balanced and the tendency to cut straight on it's own with minimal input are my favorite features. I've noticed newer models come with an electric brake which is not a bad thing. All shoe adjustments are accurate and easy to reach without tools. The shoe itself is quite stable and square. (as well as durable for those inadvertant trips off the sawhorse)Onboard allen wrench for blade changes and an adjustable handle round off the perfect package.

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