Lie-Nielsen - Scraping Plane No. 112 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Scraping Plane No. 112

Lie-Nielsen - Scraping Plane No. 112

The No. 112 plane scraping plane from Lie-Nielsen weighs 4 lb. and comes with a 2-7/8-in-wide blade.

$195 (As of 10/1/1999)

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Editor's Review:

by Michael Pekovich

review date: October 1, 1999

When I first put the new Lie-Nielsen No. 112 large scraping plane to work, I was dismayed by what happened. The tool chattered terribly and left deep ridges in a plank of hard, curly maple. I angled the blade forward a bit and set it for a very shallow cut. Performance improved, but still I experienced some chatter.

After I looked at the instruction sheet, the answer was plain. I was fighting the tool. A scraper plane, the instructions explained, requires very little downward pressure, especially on the forward knob. And instead of the long, slow, deliberate strokes required by a smoother, the scraper seems to favor quicker, shorter swipes. Pulling the scraper also works well, especially in problem areas.

I practiced on some friendlier lumber—straight-grained mahogany, cherry and, finally, some quartersawn white oak with ever-improving results. Then I went back to the original curly maple plank and was able to turn it into a nicely smoothed board using my improved technique.

The Lie-Nielsen No. 112 requires some fine-tuning and finesse to operate. Once you get that worked out, the tool handles unruly wood well and will spare a lot of burned thumbs on big scraping jobs. Considering what an original Stanley No. 112 fetches at tool auctions these days, the Lie-Nielsen’s $195 price tag is a bargain.

Editor Test Results:

Sole Flatness N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Lie-Nielsen
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-327-2520
Adjustable Mouth N/A
Blade Size 2-7/8 in. x 0.140
Materials Iron

Excellent plane - fit, finish and functionality were superb! As Bedrock608 stated in their review, this plane takes a bit to get used to so it doesn't chatter. Let the plane do the work so you don't have to. When properly adjusted, this plane makes smoothing/scraping wood a breeze. One word of caution: round the blade corners slightly to avoid any possibility of gouging the wood if you accidently bear down on the plane too much. This was my second Lie-Nielsen plane (first was the medium shoulder) and I continue to be very impressed with the outstanding quality they offer. Enjoy!

Excellent workmanship, Excellent Heft, Excellent Result.This plane does take a little practice to get the exact end result you want, but when the grain is gnarly or has sudden reversals and your other planes can't handle it, this is the tool to use.I have used this on Oak, Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Bubinga, and other woods. I would highly recommend this plane!

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