Lemmer Spray Systems - Turbine HVLP Sprayer T-55 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Turbine HVLP Sprayer T-55

Lemmer Spray Systems - Turbine HVLP Sprayer T-55

The T-55 portable spray system is design for furniture finishing, and can handle products including varnish, urethane, lacquer, stains.

$450 (As of 8/1/1999)

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Editor's Review:

by Chris A. Minick

review date: August 1, 1999

Pros: The T-55 is an extremely comfortable sprayer to use, and it comes with a well-written, informative instruction manual. Of the units tested, the T-55 has the best turbine filtration. The sprayer comes with a viscosity drip cup and is equipped with a 14-ft.
power cord.

Cons: The T-55 has a slightly stiff air hose and no air-reducing valve.

Editor Test Results:

Temperature Measured at hose: 104°Measured at gun air cap: 88°
Air Pressure Per Manufactuer: 3.9 psi Maximum: 3.5 psi Atomization: 2.5 psi
Air Output Per manufacturer: 55 cfmMeasured at hose: 25 cfmMeasured at gun: 15 cfm
Transfer Efficiency 65%
Atomization Fine
Overspray 14%

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Lemmer Spray Systems
Manufacturer's Web Site www.lemmer.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-561-6908
Gun Type Bleeder
Hose Connection Handle
Fluid nozzle orifice size 1.4mm
Air-reducing valve No
Horse Power N/A
Amps 8 amps
Volts N/A
No. of Stages 2 Stages
Turbine Diameter 5.7 in.
Materials Gun body (material): AluminumGun cup (material): Aluminum

As my first HVLP system, it was a good choice. Within the first day of using the system, the air flow valve handle on the supply hose to the gun broke making adjustment almost impossible. A smaller needle is required to spray water based paints efficiently. The gun has worked very well and have sprayed several sets of kitchen cabinets as well as other cabinetry.

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