R3 Pocket-Hole Jig - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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R3 Pocket-Hole Jig

Kreg Tool Co. - R3 Pocket-Hole Jig

Kreg's pocket-hole jig is a fast and efficient mechanical joinery system

$45 (As of 1/1/2007)

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Editor's Review:

by Mark Edmundson

review date: January 1, 2007

Pocket holes are a fast and efficient method of joinery, which is important to a professional like me. I use a lot of plywood in my custom cabinetry, and I often incorporate pockethole joinery in the solid-wood face frames. Kreg's new Model R3 pocket-hole jig adjusts easily, without tools, to drill stock from 1/2 in. to 1-1/2 in. thick in 1/8-in. increments. You can attach the jig to a workpiece with a C-clamp, or you can use the included face-frame adapter to connect the jig using Kreg's Face Clamps (not included). These clamps have handles like a pair of locking pliers, but they have wide jaws with a deep reach. These accessories speed up the process of drilling multiple holes.

An affordable way to make fast and efficient joinery, the R3 from Kreg would be a solid addition to a shop. The kit sells for $45 and includes the jig, the Fast Clamp adapter, a bit with stop collar, an extralong square drive, five packs of screws, and a small pack of angled dowel plugs. Face Clamps range in price from $15 to $35.

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Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Kreg Tool Co.
Manufacturer's Web Site http://www.kregtool.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-447-8638

This is an amazing invention! I have been drooling over a biscuit jointer for over a year, but I have not had the sense to save up the ten bucks a month it would take to get one, so when I decided to build a dresser and didn't want to spend all the time on mortise and tenon joints I found this thing in a woodworking article. I had never seen one before and I didn't know what it was for, but after reading about it I decided I had to have one. All I could find at Sears and Home Depot were the cheap kind made of cast aluminum with a puny screw clamp, but I found the Kreg Pocket Rocket at Lowes for $50. I was initially skeptical about the tightness of the joints it would make, but after the first practice hole I was blown away. These things are amazing. The joints are strong as any other method and take practically no time. I have not used any of the hole plugs, so I am looking forward to see how well they work. The pocket rocket is a little different that the R3 in that it comes with a clamp and you have to screw on the spacers to adjust for a change in project thickness, but they work essentially the same. I would recommend one of these to every woodworker out there. I also regret that I didn't get the K3 Master kit, but I guess I'll just save my pennies for that instead of the biscuit jointer.

This a new purchase item for me--early March 07. I've purchased only the basic kit, without the manufacturer's special clamping tool and assortment of self-tapping screws. $45.00 was the price.I've built a fence from western red cedar, and the performance of the tool is excellent. Clamping the jig to the ends of boards can be a bit tricky without understanding, at first, the pressure to use (I use a simple C-clamp with shims on the jig body and under the piece being drilled). The first use was a bit scary, as material from the jig came out with the first hole, and I wondered if using the jig would mean using it up! I've not had that situation repeat itself, however, so it must have been some sort of "run-in."The drill bit is specialized, and will get lots of use, so I wonder how long it will remain sharp, particularly when I begin using it on harder woods, such as oak, walnut, maple, and so forth. Do I have to send the drill to a specialized sharpening house, or will I be able to use the old fellow down the block who does all my sharpening in that regard? And, I imagine that the self-tapping screws will be a necessity once I move on from cedar, where plain FHWS worked well. Another expense. After more extensive use, I'll have a better idea of the tool's worth. Now, the price justifies the return.


I had never drilled a pocket hole before in my life. I picked up this one at WoodCraft when it was on sale. Best investment I've made in a long time. This jig is simple to use. Carrying case even tells you the size of screws to use for different thicknesses of wood. Your first hole will be perfectly placed, it's so easy. I built a dresser in a day and 1/2 with this baby and remember, before this I had never even drilled a pocket hole. Try it you'll be hooked. My only regret is I couldn't afford the master set.

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