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440 12-in. Combination Square

Johnson Level and Tool - 440 12-in. Combination Square

$29 (As of 9/27/2012)

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Editor's Review: John Tetreault

by John Tetreault

review date: September 27, 2012

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Editor Test Results:

Straightness/Squareness N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Johnson Level and Tool
Manufacturer's Web Site www.johnsonlevel.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 262-242-1161
Measuring Capacity N/A
Blade Size 12-in.
Blade Material Hardened steel

Bought 2 of these squares for my woodshop -- 1 for general woodworking and the other for machine setup and depth gauging. Unlike most squares, the graduations are deeply-imbedded and are highlighted in black, making it easy to read. I've been using both regulary for over a year and the markings show no wear. I maintain the squares often, by sliding the end of a used candle across the blade surfaces. Then a quick wipe with a rag. This not only lubricates the slide action of the blade, but minimizes blade wear, prevents rusting and retains the highlighted markings. When hang the squares for easy access, I make sure the hanger does not come in contact with the bubble to avoid breakage. This square is well worth the money and truly deserves to be treated as a precision woodworking tool!

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