18-in. Bandsaw JWBS-18X - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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18-in. Bandsaw JWBS-18X

Jet - 18-in. Bandsaw JWBS-18X

The WMH Tool Group unveiled this redesigned 18-in. Jet bandsaw with a 12-in. resaw capacity and a number of improvements over the previous 18-in. model (JWBS-18). 

$1,250 (As of 12/1/2005)

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Editor's Review:

by Roland Johnson

review date: December 1, 2005

The WMH Tool Group recently unveiled its redesigned 18-in. Jet bandsaw with a 12-in. resaw capacity. The saw has many significant improvements over the previous 18-in. model (JWBS-18). 

A much stiffer frame and a beefier upper guide-post mount result in lower flex numbers. The lower blade guides have been redesigned to make adjustments easier and more accurate. All adjustments are toolless except for the thumbscrew that secures the thrust bearing, which requires pliers to tighten it sufficiently. Table flex has been improved through the use of heavier trunnions. The table locks in position more positively with large knobs.

Jet has increased the power to 1-3/4 hp, compared to 1-1/2 hp for the previous model. With a maximum blade-width capacity of 1-1/2 in., the power is welcome. A window in the upper wheel housing allows you to adjust blade tracking with the machine on and cover door closed.

Editor Test Results:

Blade Changing N/A
Table Flatness N/A
Frame Deflection 0.0293 in.
Wheel Alignment N/A
Runout N/A
Tension N/A
Quality of Cut N/A
Table Lock Effectiveness N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Jet
Manufacturer's Web Site www.jettools.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number
Rip Fence Included Yes
Riser Block Option N/A
Rip Capacity 18 in.
Guide Type Bearing
Table Tilt N/A
Table Size 19 in. x 19 in.
Horsepower 1-3/4 hp
Amps N/A
Volts 115v
Speed N/A
Blade Variety
Resaw Capacity 12 in.

I've owned this saw for two years now. The second time i went to replace the blade, i was adjusting the upper thrust bearing, and when i went to tighten it down, the casting that the screw goes into broke apart under the pressure of trying to tighten it. This was frustrating. I called WMH and told them my problem and they said that they would get the part out to me. While i waited,i drilled and tapped the remainder of the casting so that i could tighten the thrust bearing down so i could still use the saw while my parts were being shipped. After three weeks of waiting, i called WMH back and asked about the part, there response to me was that the part wasn't in stock in the U.S. and it was going to be shipped from a factory overseas and the kicker was that it would be another 3-4 weeks. While unhappy, i waited, and on the day i got my part, i installed it fairly easily and i was back in business...... Till the next weekend when i went to change another blade. Same thing happened. This time there was more of the casting left intact and i retapped it so it would again function in its broken state. To sum up the casting is junk, you need to much pressure on the screw that secures the thrust bearing, especially when resawing, for the soft pot metal casting to withstand the force. No matter how careful, i'm sure i'm not the only one who has had this problem. The next problem is the table, mine is warped by an 1/8 in. from front to back. I realize that this bandsaw is not a premium 18 in. saw, but this isn't a harbor freight trow away after its used piece of junk. I expected simple things like table flatness and quality of metals used in construction of the saw to be of a higher caliber.

I have been usuing this saw with the 3 HP. motor for resawingoak, walnut, and cherry. It has plenty of power and is stiff enough to be a good choice for this.After recieving, installing and assembling the machine the funstarted. Rough set-up and lets cut wood. You bet. Machine almost ripped the bolts from the floor. I adjusted and adjusted nothing helped. Ultimately after aligning sheaves and belt I found the motor mount bent and the belt to stiff to run smoothly. The table was also warped. I called WH. they replaced the the offending parts the next day which was great. Now I had to replace everthing. Afterreplacing and adjusting the machine was much better, but stillnot right. Replaced their belt with a Gates from bearingsupplier and the saw is GOOD! I have used this saw; after replacing blade; to resaw 6 to 10lumber and it has worked well. But I think I had to spend to much time to make it right.

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