Jet - 14-in. Bandsaw JWBS-14CS - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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14-in. Bandsaw JWBS-14CS

Jet - 14-in. Bandsaw JWBS-14CS

Jet’s 14-in. bandsaw features a 1-hp motor, a built-in dust chute, and is available with a one-piece welded stand or an open stand.

$560 (As of 1/1/2002)

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Editor's Review: 14-in. Bandsaws Reviewed

by Tom Begnal

review date: January 1, 2002

The bandsaw is a versatile tool that rips, resaws, crosscuts, and cuts curves. And when the table is tilted, it makes all kinds of angle cuts, too. Plus it can be used to cut tenons, dovetails, and various other joints. The 14-in. size is good for most small shops, so we decided to test nine popular models on the market, evaluating them for wheel roundness, alignment, blade tension, and table flatness.

The Jet, along with the Ridgid, ranked first in blade-changing ease. Its fit and finish were second only to the Delta's. The wheels aligned perfectly, and wheel or tire runout was minimal. And the fence would have been an easy favorite had it allowed for more blade-drift adjustment. It cut acceptably during the cutting test. During the resaw test, when compared to all but the Delta, the Jet motor had less of a tendency to bog down. Also, it’s beefier than the other saws in the test, except for the Delta.

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Editor Test Results:

Blade Changing N/A
Table Flatness 0.016-in. dish
Frame Deflection N/A
Wheel Alignment 0.000 in.
Runout 0.004 in upper; 0.006 in. lower
Tension Tesnion at 3/4 in. 10,000 psi
Quality of Cut N/A
Table-Lock Effectiveness N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Jet
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number
Rip Fence Included No
Riser Block Option Yes
Rip Capacity 12-1/2 in.
Guide Type N/A
Table Tilt 14° left; 50° right
Table Size 15-1/8 in. square
Horsepower 1 hp
Amps 10 amps
Volts 115/230v
Speed N/A
Blade N/A
Resaw Capacity 6 in.

Yes, the blade drift adjustment was a problem; but one easily remidied by a shop built resaw fence. I have owned my Jet 14" for almost 10 years and have found it to be an great asset to my shop. Outfitted with a Wood Slicer resaw blade from Highland Hardware, I have had very few problems resawing anything to any thickness once the saw is properly set up and aligned. Blade change is easy, but then again, all things are relative. I don't think any of us enjoys bandsaw blade changing. Set up and fine tuned, it does everything that I need done very well.I would reccoment this saw to anyone for it's versatility, great features, performance and price.


My 14-inch Jet bandsaw is one of only a few tools that has required no further adjustments or tuneups once it was initially set up. It does everything I ask it to do including some heavy resawing of oak, Jatoba, and Claro walnut. If I have a complaint at all, it is that I have installed a larger MDF/laminate table over the stock cast iron one. With pressure on the table edge,the table will easily move off 90 degrees to the blade. The tilt clamping does not seem to be as effective as it should be.HS



I have the open stand model and have been very pleased with it. I keep a 1/2 inch blade in the saw unless I'm cutting curves.


A solid performer. PROS: Plenty of power, good tracking, good table. I like the upright plastic column that attaches to the rip fence to prevent drift. Fence & miter gauge came standard -- others charge for them. CONS: Tippy - needs a bigger footprint. Table should have wide flat spots along edges to make jig clamps easier to affix. Fence gauge hard to align & pointer never meets the scale -- lotta guesswork. Mediocre dust collection. Very abbreviated setup instructions. WISH LIST: A lamp and a tension crank should be standard equipment.Bruce KinseyGolden Pond Woodshop

I have other Jet tools...tablesaw, mortiser, etc., which is why I purchased this bandsaw from Jet, their other products are good.Unfortunately this one is not.I have had many, many problems with this bandsaw since it came out of the box.The wheels are nowhere near balanced.The guides that come with it are useless.The dust extraction is worthless.It has no tire brush.It has no tension quick release.If it were cheap, I would say great...but I have spent $$$ getting it to where it should be at the very minimal.I have bought Carter bearings, Carter detensioning device, 6" lift/extension, zero clearance throat plates, etc.I've now got a $500 bandsaw and only spent $1000 for it.Look at rikon or laguna for a real bandsaw, avoid Jet bandsaws.

I have had this model for several years and find it easy to use, blade change is simple. It has performed every task I have asked of it.

The jet JWBS is a great light duty saw for small stock resaw, curves and shaping, as well as basic cut off.The Challenge I've found with the Jet is the power for resaw on hardwood greater than 2.5" in height.To resolve this problem I turned to a carbide tipped blade. While the kerf is larger (greater stock loss), and surface must be planed more heavily, I was able to accomplish the necessary work on this tool.Mike Denham Portland OR

I have had one of these for about 2 years. It is pretty good. I have one with a riser block. I used carter guides, woodslicer blades from highland hardware, and some good quality 1/4 blades for regular work. It works pretty decent. I hate to release the pressure at the end of my work everyday. Might consider one of those easy release arms/lever. Resaw is okay. Had trouble resawing 6 inch zebrawood. Poplar is a piece of cake. Don't need a movable base or saw will rock too much. Set it on the floor.

This is a solid performer and the construction and material quality is very good. I have had this saw for 6+ years and it has performed well. I have my wired @ 220w. The closed base is nice, however this saw has begun to fall behind the pack. The 14" Grizzly has an open base, however it has a quick tension release and ball bearing guides for far less $.All in all this is a solid saw, but unless you get a very good deal, you can get as much or more for less.

For the most part, this has been an excellent tool. I've been using it for five years with no mechanical problems. It has plenty of power for my needs and runs smooth and true. There are only a few items I wish were different. First, I have the three-speed stepped pulley that comes as a separate accessory. Nice idea, but in practice, it is such a pain to change speeds that I almost never do. The space inside the cabinet is too tight to easily loosen the motor mount bolts. Second, I find the cast tabletop to be a bit too soft. It easily gets gouged up by any kind of metal contact (clamps, nails, etc.). It does not seem to be cut from the same cloth as my Jet table saw table. Third, I think the duct collector port is too small. Airflow is reduced to such an extent that the under-table guides are always getting clogged with sawdust.

I have owned this tool for two years now. I have not had any break downs. Bandsaws are not easy to assemble. The upper section is very heavy. You might consider getting some help for assembly. This tool required very little tuning to put it into service. The wheels were inline to each other. I only had to track and tension the blade and set the table square to the blade. The fence has more than enough adjustment room to allow for drift.(With a good 1/2 inch blade I set it square to the blade,I don't have drift) The dust collection port works well. My shop is in a basement and I keep my table saw in the garage. So I do a lot of work on my bandsaw that others would on a table saw. I really have enjoyed this saw. It rips well. Its motor is strong. I can change blades and be up and running quickly. The fit and finish is good. When I got the saw the fellow at the store banged one end of the box with a fork truck. Once home I found that the tensioner knob was cracked off. This situation quickly changed from bad to good when I realized that the knob was mounted on an 8mm nut. Rather than call for a replacement I put an 8mm socket on a 1/4 ratchet and I use that to run the tension up/down. It works fast enough that I don't mind dropping off tension before I leave the shop.Buy this saw with confidence.

I have been using this saw for about 4 years now and have been very pleased with its performance. I got mine with a riser block and have done a lot of re-sawing (both hard and softwoods) without any problems.Fit and finish is excellant.

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