Router Table 03140 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Router Table 03140

JessEm - Router Table 03140

This top-quality router table from JessEm has a sturdy anodized aluminum base and good optional fence accessories.

$530 (As of 3/1/2006)

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Editor Choice-Best Overall

Editor's Review: Router Tables

by Roland Johnson

review date: March 1, 2006

The author evaluated 13 router tables for the sturdiness of their tables and fences, for dust collection, and for ease of operation and setup. A good router table is flat and has a stout base and a fence able to support jigs and hold-downs.

The JessEm was his favorite. The quality is top notch. The anodized aluminum base is exceptionally sturdy and fits together with a welcome precision. The fence, one of the two best in the survey, is mounted securely with brackets at both edges of the table. Large, easy-to-reach knobs lock it to the brackets. Scales on the brackets make it a breeze to place the fence precisely. The fence also has a scale to provide accurate jig, stop, or hold-down placement. The optional Mite-R-Slide miter gauge provides for accurate crosscuts without requiring the fence to be mounted perfectly parallel to the miter slot.

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Editor Test Results:

Flatness Test N/A
Fence/Guide Quality Fence mounted securely with brackets at both table edges

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer JessEm
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 866-272-7492
Components N/A
Compatibility Solid phenolic plate can be drilled to adapt to any router
Table Size N/A
Materials Top: 3/4-in. phenolic; Fence: One-piece aluminum with phenolic faces


I have used this table and JessEm lift for over a year and really like it.However, the router mounting surface is slightly below the table, which causes small pieces to drop onto the bit as they clear the top and cuts unevenly. I personally asked the manufacture about this problem. He said it was due to variation in the table top thickness and could not be avoided. I bought the slide fence and clamp the pieces to the optional slide fence to avoid dropping onto the bit. It's an expensive solution to a manufactures problem.I also had a problem with the fence slipping under heavy loads. The 1/4 locking knob stud will slip in the 3/8 fence slot. I have since added a fiber washer under the fence locking knob to hold the fence better and sandpaper to the tee nut to stop it from sliding in the table tee track.


Have had the table and Master lift for approx 4 years. Works exactly as described. It does require that every few months you blow the sawdust away from the threads on the Master Lift. I believe this is what they call regular maintenance. Excellent product that I would not be without.

Work marvelously well. ideal for the small shop.Pierre GroleauCanada

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