Spiral Cutterhead - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Spiral Cutterhead

Grizzly Industrial - Spiral Cutterhead

Although Grizzly’s cutters face forward, they are arranged in spiral rows.

$ (As of 10/27/2011)

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Editor's Review: Segmented Cutterheads Change the Game

by Roland Johnson

review date: October 27, 2011

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Editor Test Results:

Quality of Cut Hardwoods: Very good; Softwoods: Good; Difficult Hardwoods: Very good
Available On Grizzly planers, jointers, and planer/jointers

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Grizzly Industrial
Manufacturer's Web Site www.grizzly.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 570-546-9663
Tooth Orientation Straight
Number of Teeth per Inch 5

This cutterhead came in the Grizzly G0453Z planer I bought a year ago as upgrade from a 13" Dewalt DW735X lunch box planer. The Dewalt had 3 straight knifes and cut well, but was loud as hell and ate blades. When the Grizzly G0453Z arrived, it had paint damage on the planer base (grizzly customer service was very cooperative and we got it fixed). As with most new machines these days, all alignments were off and the planer had substantial belt slap when the motor started up. Closer inspection showed the motor pulleys were misaligned and had stretched the 3 belts past repair. Grizzly customer service send new belts quickly and with the new belts the startup slap completely disappeared. I corrected (resp. verified) all the alignments of the planer, added a Digital Readout to it and it was good to go. After the setup, I never had any issues with it. It is extremely quiet (80dba without and 85 dba under load). The helical head leaves a fantastic finish with virtually no snipe (less than .001) . So far I have planed over 100 bdft of Walnut, 200 bdft of Maple and 500 bdft of Mahogany from both sides. I have not rotated a single carbide cutter insert yet, as they still cut like new. FYI: Mahogany is really sensitive to dulling tools and would directly show if the knifes would be the tiniest bit dull. To plane the same amount with my old lunch box planer would have taken at least 5 sets of blades, 30 bucks each (150$ total). I have yet to see how long the carbide inserts will last, but with the first side still sharp and 3 new sides left, I know today that the inserts outlast hss knifes by 20 times and counting. (Will update this number when I start turning inserts) Btw. I have also planed some wood with large knots (i.e. Cedar) and the carbide inserts cut the knots nicely without pulling them loose (or out), like straight blade planers would do. The same is also true for glue ups which I planed with it.

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