Benchtop Planer G8794 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Benchtop Planer G8794

Grizzly Industrial - Benchtop Planer G8794

Grizzly’s 12-1/2-in. planer is low on volume and features reversible knives.

$290 (includes stand) (As of 1/1/2003)

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Editor's Review: Tool Test: Benchtop Planers

by Lon Schleining

review date: January 1, 2003

Today's thickness planers vary in price from less than $300 to nearly $500. In an effort to learn whether the price differences reflect the quality and features of the machines, I put nine of them through a hands-on test. To begin with, it's important that the infeed and outfeed tables be flush with the bed, and I found that all of these machines made it easy to adjust the tables up and down. In addition, I tested how accurately and smoothly the planers cut (all produced amazingly smooth cuts). I also measured the noise level of the machines, checked to see how easy it was to change knives, and gauged the effectiveness of the dust collection.

The Grizzly had more snipe than all but one machine, and no cutterhead lock. On the other hand, it had very good carriage parallelism and was one of the least noisy.

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Editor Test Results:

Parallel Test 0.002 in.
Average Snipe 0.0055 in.
Time to Change Knives 18 minutes
Knives Can Be Sharpened No
Noise Rating 95 dB (load)

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Grizzly Industrial
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 570-546-9663
Extra Set of Knives Included No
Price for Set of Knives $35
Reversible Knives Yes
Built-in Dust Collection Hood: Optional ($30)
Speed 8,540 rpm (no load)
Amps N/A
Maximum Thickness 6 in.
Maximum Width 12-1/2 in.

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