Gramercy Tools - Holdfasts - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Gramercy Tools - Holdfasts

These holdfasts from Gramercy Tools are made from forged-steel and fit 3/4-in.-dia. workbench dog holes.

$30 (pair) (As of 8/10/2006)

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Editor's Review: Holding Your Work

by Garrett Hack

review date: August 10, 2006

Often used in pairs or in conjunction with benchdogs or clamps, the venerable holdfast is like having a third hand to help hold a workpiece against a bench for tasks such as planing, chiseling, and carving. And it will hold any shaped piece, from flat panels or tabletops to curved and carved cabriole legs (for more on using holdfasts, see Holding Your Work FWW #155, pp. 79-80).

Gramercy Tools recently introduced an L-shaped, forged-steel holdfast that fits 3/4-in.-dia. holes. The holdfast is tough, and at $17 ($30 for a pair), it’s a great value. However, if you have storage cabinets below your benchtop, you may have to cut the shaft to fit (not recommended by the manufacturer) or remove the cabinets.

The holdfasts are available from

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EXCELLENT PRODUCT, it is very well built, satin polished, and with light taps it holds securely on the workbench.

I purchased the two holdfasts from Gramercy Tools about two months a go, i think they are a good value and work very well.They are the first holdfasts i have used so i am no expert.

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