18-in. Bandsaw 90-270 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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18-in. Bandsaw 90-270

General - 18-in. Bandsaw 90-270

General’s 18-in. bandsaw features a one-piece frame, a cast-iron table and trunnions, and a foot brake for quick shut off.

$1,500 (As of 6/1/2004)

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Editor's Review: 18-in. Bandsaws

by Roland Johnson

review date: June 1, 2004

If you cut a lot of thick stock, or if you resaw stock in the 9-in.-wide to 12-in.-wide range, an 18-in. bandsaw is worth considering. Not only does it offer extra capacity, but most 18-in. saws also have more horsepower to cut faster. I looked at 11 models ranging in price from $900 to almost $3,000, evaluating cutting ability, machine sturdiness, and blade-changing ease. The General showed acceptable results in the resaw test, did well in the curve-cutting test, and ranked third in the frame-deflection test. The cast-iron trunnion support and trunnions are a plus. The fence is not adjustable for drift or squareness to the table, and the fussy-to-adjust guides made blade changing a chore.

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Editor Test Results:

Blade Changing Fair
Table Flatness N/A
Frame Deflection 0.0175 in.
Wheel Alignment N/A
Runout N/A
Tension N/A
Quality of Cut Curve-Cutting Test: Excellent; Resaw Test: Very Good
Table-Lock Effectiveness Very Good

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer General
Manufacturer's Web Site www.general.ca
Manufacturer's Phone Number 1-888-949-1161
Rip Fence Included N/A
Riser Block Option N/A
Rip Capacity 17-3/8 in.
Guide Type Wheel
Table Tilt 24 in. x 19-1/2 in.
Table Size 0°, 45°
Horsepower 3 hp
Amps 19 amps
Volts N/A
Speed N/A
Blade N/A
Resaw Capacity 11-1/2 in.

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