Woodworker II 10487125 sawblade - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Woodworker II 10487125 sawblade

Forrest - Woodworker II 10487125 sawblade

The new Woodworker II comes with more teeth than its predecessor, but is more of a crosscut blade than a combination or general-purpose blade.

$134 (As of 2/11/2010)

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Editor's Review: 10-in. Combination Tablesaw Blade Woodworker II WW10407125

by Mark Schofield

review date: February 11, 2010

Since its introduction in the early 1980s, Forrest’s Woodworker II blade (model WW 10407125) has become something of a gold standard for general-purpose blades. So when the company announced a new Woodworker II (WW 10487125), I was anxious to try it out.

The new Woodworker II has 48 teeth, compared to the 40 on the old one, and they are pointier. The alternating top bevel (ATB) profile has been increased from 15° to 25°, with the steeper angle meant to reduce chipping during crosscuts and when cutting veneer plywood and melamine.

I used the blade to rip 8/4 and 4/4 poplar, hard maple, and mahogany, and to crosscut 6/4 maple. I also crosscut some birch plywood and some double-sided melamine particleboard. All cuts were made with a regular throat plate to make tearout more likely. I found that the new Woodworker II is much more of a crosscut blade than a combination or general-purpose blade. It excelled at crosscutting maple and melamine, but struggled to rip 8/4 stock.

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Editor Test Results:

Visible Score Marks N/A
Quality of Cut Good
Flat Bottom Cut N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Forrest
Manufacturer's Web Site www.forrestblades.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 866-398-9336
Blade Size 10 in.
Number of Teeth 48
Number of Chippers N/A
Types of Shims N/A
Storage Case N/A

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