Overarm Blade Cover(1) - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Overarm Blade Cover(1)

Exaktor Industrial - Overarm Blade Cover(1)

The Exaktor Industrial Overarm Blade Cover accommodate a splitter for increased safety at the tablesaw.

$290 (As of 12/1/2001)

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Editor's Review:

by Kelly Mehler

review date: December 1, 2001

Similar to Excalibur with drawbacks, but better mounting system

The Exaktor blade cover is similar to the Excalibur. However, the flat front on the cover doesn’t ride up and over workpieces, and the extension arm is difficult to adjust

The Exaktor Industrial Overarm Blade Cover is very similar to the Excalibur cover, with some exceptions. First, the front of the blade cover is not angled backward to allow the cover to ride easily over a workpiece. The user must either lift the blade cover onto the workpiece or lock it somewhere above the workpiece’s thickness. Second, it takes two hands to both lift and push the inner support tube for side-to-side adjustments because the fit is a bit rough. Also, there is no channel in the main support boom to keep the smaller boom, which holds the hood, from rotating down when the locking knobs are loosened. And when the smaller tube rotates, the hood doesn’t operate parallel to the table surface or workpiece.

Two slots at the rear of the blade cover accommodate a splitter. The trouble with having the splitter sit in a slot is that the cover cannot be slid to the left or right when pushing narrow pieces through the blade or when crosscutting using the miter gauge.

On the other hand, the Exaktor is less expensive than many competitors, and its mounting system is sturdier, so it places less stress on the extension table. The blade-cover assembly can be purchased separately for ceiling or other custom installations.

Editor Test Results:

Ease of Use Fair
Quality N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Exaktor Industrial
Manufacturer's Web Site www.exaktortools.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-387-9789
Positive angle stops N/A
Built-in Dust Collection Yes
Type of Adjustments N/A
Compatibility All tablesaws with extension tables
Settings and Stops N/A
Maximum Capacity N/A
Tilt N/A

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