Euro Easy Drill Boring Jig - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Euro Easy Drill Boring Jig

Euro Easy Drill - Euro Easy Drill Boring Jig

The Euro Easy Drill is designed to drill European-style hinge mortises.

$9 (As of 4/1/2001)

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Editor's Review: Seven Jigs for Drilling Cup-Hinge Holes

by Rex Alexander

review date: April 1, 2001

Jigs for drilling cup-hinge holes come in a variety of designs. Some offer stark simplicity at a low cost. Others are more sophisticated and come with a price that reflects that refinement. But all of the jigs have a couple of things in common. They get their power from an electric or cordless drill. And they serve as a surrogate tool for the drill press, supporting the 35mm bit when a drill press can't be used. Without that support, a large bit like this will skitter around the wood. These jigs are especially handy when you're faced with drilling cup-hinge holes in a door that's large and unwieldy, or if you're at a remote site where there's no access to a drill press. We gave seven of these jigs a workout to see how they would perform.

Among the jigs tested, the Euro Easy Drill is unique in that it must be screwed to the door before drilling can begin. Then, once the cup hole has been started, the jig is removed, and the hole is completed by eyeballing the final depth. Backset adjustment is possible with the Euro Easy Drill, but it requires fiddling with screws and a square to make sure everything lines up.

If you don’t have a drill press and have only a few hinges to mount, this jig will do a decent job. But the lack of a mounting clamp and a depth stop slows down everything, so you’ll need to bring a good measure of patience to the shop.

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Junk! Do Not Waste Your Money!!!This thing is a joke! You can make your own jig out of a piece of scrap wood that would work better than this thing and save $9-10 of your hard earned cash! I normally use old fashioned hinges requiring mortises, but I suddenly needed to install Blum hinges for a customer who wanted European hinges. Not having used these before, I needed to learn a lot in a short time period. What I learned is this jig is worthless. You can not get a consistent reference point as the two screws that position the distance from the 35 mm hole are set at an angle, therefore each time you move it it references in a different place. The only saving grace is European Hinges usually have at least two adjustment points and many times three adjustment points to compensate for less than perfect alignment. I ended up testing different hole positions on scrap wood, measuring, then setting up a fence and stops on my drill press. I finished the job and learned that a little extra time negated the need for a jig.If you make a lot of doors with European hinges you can make your own reference block out of hardwood, or you can buy a HMW plastic positioning block from Rockler for $6.50 if you do not want to take the time to measure for your hardwood reference block.

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