Edroy Products Co., Inc - Headband Mounted Magnifier - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Headband Mounted Magnifier

Edroy Products Co., Inc - Headband Mounted Magnifier

$24 (As of 2/9/2012)

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Editor's Review: What Woodworkers Really Want

by Thomas McKenna

review date: February 9, 2012

The Magni-Focuser headband-mounted magnifier has been used by Lie-Nielsen’s saw sharpeners for years. The folks at Lie-Nielsen like this product so much that they recently started selling them. Being visually challenged in my middle age, I was happy to test a pair.

What sets this magnifier apart from other headband-mounted helpers is that there is no post in the middle of the lens to obstruct your view. The Magni-Focuser is sold with a lens plate made to see better at a 10-in. distance, which worked well for a lot of jobs. But you also can buy other lens plates (or a monocular lens) for working distances up to 20 in. I’d recommend the accessory lens plate with the longest working distance (#2). With it, I was able to cut dovetails in dark walnut to a scribed line, while keeping my head in a comfortable working position. Overall, these are the best magnifiers I’ve used, and the most convenient.

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Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Edroy Products Co., Inc
Manufacturer's Web Site http://www.edroyproducts.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 1-800-233-8803

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