DGC Products, Inc. - i-socket Vacuum Automator - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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i-socket Vacuum Automator

DGC Products, Inc. - i-socket Vacuum Automator

The i-socket adapter switch turns on a shop vacuum or dust collector automatically when a tool is fired up

$34 (As of 3/1/2007)

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Editor's Review:

by Thomas McKenna

review date: March 1, 2007

The i-socket switch is an adapter that turns on a shop vacuum or dust collector automatically when a tool is fired up. Simply plug the i-socket into a 15-amp/125v outlet, then plug the tool and vacuum into their designated slots, making sure the vacuum switch is in the on position. When you turn on the tool, the vacuum will run; turn off the tool, and the vacuum shuts down after a 7-second delay to clear out the hose. The i-socket sells for $34 and is available from www.woodcraft.com.

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Manufacturer DGC Products, Inc.
Manufacturer's Web Site http://dgcproducts.com
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Yes, you have to change the socket the vacuum is plugged into if you want to use the vacuum alone but I don't keep the vacuum plugged in unless it is hooked to a tool anyway. When turning a sander, plate joiner, miter saw or other tool on and off all the time, this handy little gadget is great. It also works with 125 volt dust collectors with other 125 volt tools like planers and jointers. If moving the plug of the vacuum to another socket or the tool socket of the i-socket is an inconvenience then don't get it. In that case it does not seem like it is worth the trouble. I now have 3 around the shop and use them constantly. Not necessary by any means as it does not seem like a big hassle to turn a vacuum switch on an off but it is nice. It has also extended the life of one old vacuum of mine in which the switch is broken. If I can manage to turn it off it is nearly impossible to get it back on. With this switch I use it mainly with tools and let the i-switch turn it on and off.

I got an i-socket at Woodcraft it has been a great at keeping the dust down in my shop. I am currently using it on my Dewalt Miter saw. I used to always forget turn on the vacuum before I made my cuts. Now it is done for me..Thanks DGC Products for a simple and inexpensive solution.....

So, now that you have the vac and tool connected, how are you suposed to use the vac w/o the tool? I guess you could turn on your sander and place it upside down somewhere out of the way. This automator is porly designed because you can't turn on the vac by itself when plugged into it.

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