Delta - 50-850 Portable Dust Collector - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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50-850 Portable Dust Collector

Delta - 50-850 Portable Dust Collector

The Delta 50-850 performed well, and comes with a 5-micron filter bag

$340 (As of 4/1/2006)

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Editor's Review: Portable Dust Collectors

by Michael Standish

review date: April 1, 2006

A modest, portable dust collector can do a good job provided you fit it with an effective filter and don't treat it like a true central dust-collection system with long runs of ductwork. To be effective, a portable dust collector must move air fast enough to transport big chips, shavings, and dust; move enough air to capture all the waste that woodworking machinery generates; and trap even the finest dust particles. But without a first-class filter, a dust collector becomes a dust-recirculating pump, spewing contaminated air throughout the shop. The 10 collectors tested are about the most powerful type available that run on normal 120v household current. They have a 1.5-hp motor driving an impeller to suck dust into the filter and the collection bags. They're designed to handle the waste from a typical shop machine but not from two machines at once. As a practical matter, a dust collector needs to provide 800 cfm or more to move all the dust, chips, and shavings that machines like tablesaws, jointers, and planers produce. The Delta 50-850 performed well. It comes with a 5-micron filter bag; a 1-micron bag is a $90 option.

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Editor Test Results:

Performance Good
Noise 85 db.
Approx. Maximum cfm 850 cfm

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Delta
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-223-7278
Inlet Diameter 6 in.
Standard Filter 5-Micron Bag
Horsepower 1-1/2 hp

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