Cabinet Saw OR35504 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Cabinet Saw OR35504

Craftsman - Cabinet Saw OR35504

A smooth-running tablesaw with Biesemeyer fence, cast-iron tabletop, adjustable position paddle switch, and a reasonable price tag.

$950 (As of 6/1/2005)

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Editor Choice-Best Overall

Editor's Review:

by Tim Snyder

review date: June 1, 2005

If you’re interested in a smooth-running tablesaw that comes with a good fence and a reasonable price tag, check out the Craftsman Professional saw. It’s a cabinet-style machine for the price of a contractor-style saw. (The saw is also available in two other, less expensive versions.)

The cabinet-style model that I tested (model OR35504) comes with a pair of 12-in. cast-iron table extensions, a Biesemeyer-brand fence, and a laminate-covered table insert that gives the fence a 30-in. ripping capacity to the right of the blade (18 in. to the left of the blade). The cast-iron tabletop, though nicely machined, was not perfectly flat (0.003 in. out). The position of the paddle switch is adjustable, and it was easy to turn it off with my hip.

The saw was not ready to run when I got it uncrated. Fitting a blade on the arbor revealed that the tabletop wasn’t aligned correctly on the cabinet, preventing me from raising the blade through the throat-plate opening. Removing four hex-head screws freed the top from the cabinet, and enabled me to enlarge the mounting holes so that the top could be adjusted to the correct position. The saw comes with a flip-up outfeed table, useful for cutting long stock.

Although it was a hassle, removing the top gave me a close look at the trunnion assembly, easily the most impressive part of this saw. Beefy and precisely machined, the cast-iron mechanism functioned flawlessly and without any detectable slop. Equally impressive was the flat poly drive belt, which helps the saw run quietly and makes the motor seem a lot more powerful than its 13/4-hp rating.

The runout on the arbor, measured at the rim of a 10-in. disk, was insignificant. The arbor will accept a full 8-in. dado set for a 13/16-in.-wide cut.

Editor Test Results:

Table Flatness 0.003 in. out
Parallel Test Miter slot to blade: Required large adjustment
Arbor Runout 0.000 in.
Noise Level N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Craftsman
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-697-3277
Max Rip Capacity 30 in.
Dust Collection Angle chute to 4-in. diameter outlet
Fence Biesemeyer
Horsepower 1-3/4 hp
Amps 15 amps
Volts 120v
Table Size N/A
Blade Size 10-in.
Blade Tilt Left

Do yourself a favor and forget this saw even exists. The only thing good about the whole package is the fence. If you are on the market for a hybrid the Woodtek hybrid from Woodworkers Supply is the only one that Fine Woodworking has rated as worth buying. I personally have used this "crapsman" just to rip up Baltic Birch and it couldnt even keep up on plywood let alone some hardwood. If you have this much money then you can probably scrape up a few hundred more and get a real cabinet saw and get a little wiring done. You will wonder how you ever went with anything smaller once you do.

sucked ####

For the money this is a great saw and well worth the price and setup time. Highly Recommended!

I purchased this saw 1 year ago from our local Sears store. The basic saw is made from quality well machined components.The basic set up of the saw was no more difficult than with any other saw of its type. The motor at 1.75HP is adequate for most chores including dadoes up to 13/16" and runs very smoothly. The saw arbor is strong and the runout was less than .002" fitted with a Forrest 10" wide kerf blade. The fit and quality of the fence system is what makes this saw more than worth the price tag. It is strong and beefy to guide even the largest heavy project pieces. The large controls work easily and are accurate. The built in dust collection system is good however it does require more than a shopvac to remove the sawdust effectively. The saw also has storage built on the cabinet sides to keep accessories safe and out of the way. While not a industrial grade saw it is a solid well built tool capable of handling all tasks I have been able to through at it.

I purchased the newer version of this saw in October of 2007 and I must say I'm impressed with the overall saw and would give it a 5 if I were not "vertically challenged". For those wondering what that means...I'm not that tall.The saw seems to stand pretty high and when you are only 5'8" you find it difficult pushing longer stock through the saw in what I deem a safe manner because sometimes I find myself leaning over the table to complete a cut which has the potential for disaster. I have considered building a platform for me to stand on while using this tool but that may add to the potential hazards.Good luck and enjoy this saw if you aren't "vertically challenged".

Only problem was table misalignment out of the crate. I drilled and taped a 8mm hole in the miter gage bar to mount my dial caliper on to set the blade square with the miter slot. with this setup I was able to get down to 0.002" difference between the front edge of the blade and the rear of the blade.

Perfect for small home shops. 30" fence is reasonable as I couldn't throw full 3/4" sheets around by myself anyway. Never had any problem cutting anything that I could get on the table, including resawing 5" walnut. I did however, cut off the 2 little tabs on the guard so I could remove/replace it a lot faster.

This is a very good table saw. I'm a stickler with the rating scale or I'd have given it a 5 star rating.I've used many different table saws (Delta, Powermatic, General, etc.), and for the money, this is the best (it's a delta, by the way...). The Biesemeyer fence is AWESOME. It literally makes the saw. The cast iron top is quite flat, it'll run on 220v, and the outfeed table is very nice. However, if money were no object, I'd own the new Powermatic, but I'm not made of money (Man! I sound like my father), so I own this one. You should be able to get it for around $800 on sale.Really, the only drawback to this saw is power. It's a little under powered when cutting thick stock. Just adjust your feed rate and it can handle it.You'll probably be pleasantly surprised with this saw.

I bought this saw in October 2006, after much deliberation. It had good reviews from every source I could find, and the combination of features on this hybrid saw are a great value for the money. The HD trunnion assembly is cabinet-mounted like the 3HP cabinet saws out there for more money, but it runs on 110v making it a nice option for a basement shop. It has cast iron extension wings, a nice fold-up outfeed table, decent blade guard, and good capacity with over 13” in front of the blade, 30” right rip capacity (actually about 31.5”), 18” left rip capacity, and an AWESOME Beisemeyer Commercial Fence System, which once adjusted, you can set and forget. I can set mine on a measurement desired, rip the board, and not even have to measure as I know it’s right on. The 1.75 HP motor has plenty of power and it handles sheet stock or hardwood smoothly. The blade arbor had less than 0.001” runout and the arbor flange face runout was also less than 0.001”. It passes the “nickel” test easily (stand a nickel on edge on the table, turn on the saw, and it doesn’t fall over), and it even passes the “penny” test (sometimes). After adding a crosscut sled, I’m able to cut base cabinet side panels from ¾” sheet stock down to finish size (roughly 24” x 31”) quickly and accurately without using any other tools. The 90 and 45 degree blade stop screws are conveniently located and accessed in the table top, and the fence storage hooks and on/off buttons are nice touches also. All in all, this saw packages a lot of pricier cabinet saw value in a hybrid design with quality features for a good price. After “getting the saw up and running” and dialed in, I’m extremely happy with it’s performance.However, the “getting the saw up and running” part did not make me happy at all. From what research I’ve been able to do, this saw is manufactured in China by Orion, and even though the design of this saw is pretty solid for the most part, the quality and consistency of it’s manufacturing and assembly processes still have a lot of room for improvement. Issues I had (and in some cases still do) are as follows:1 of 4 trunnion screws loose, allowing play between blade cradle and trunnion end brackets. Once tightened, and after installing a blade, I found the mitre groove (and saw table) out of alignment to the blade by 0.010”. I’ve since adjusted to less than 0.001”. The table top had a “hump” near blade opening at about the center of the blade which I had to stone out. It’s still high in the middle on the back side of the blade by approx. 0.005-0.007”, but I haven’t worked on this because I’ve got it flat from the cutting area forward, so it’s not impacting my cuts. But I did have to do considerable work to get a crosscut square to the table. This was compounded by the fact that the worm and eccentric for adjusting the blade angle had a lot of slop, allowing the blade angle to continually change (I ordered warranty replacements which should help in the future). Once I adjusted this, I still had problems due to the Leitz blade supplied. It wouldn’t hold true, and I believe it warps as it heats up – the expansions slots are extremely small. I complained at the store and they sent me a replacement, but I haven’t tried it yet because I had to buy another brand blade to keep my cabinets going while the replacement was shipped. (The problem finally went away after all of my adjustments and the blade replacement but it cost me two nights work!)The stock miter gage is OK, but the screws that are used as positive stops don’t locate the pivoting head well enough to maintain square cuts. You can’t set them, move the gage head and then move it back and expect reliable angles. Also, the aluminum extension fence for the gage is not perfectly flat, so it mis-locates boards depending on their length. I had to remove it to get a repeatable square cut. I’ll probably just scrap it and buy an Incra or other brand precision miter gage.The dust port screws stripped out the first time I tried to install them, so I had to use oversize screws.The Beisemeyer fence is awesome, except the faces are about 0.004-6” out of flat (with no option for adjustment or shimming to make flat or square to the table), and the extension table supplied was warped about 1/16” in the middle. I had a replacement shipped via warranty and the replacement was even worse.The table wings were not flat. One is about 0.005” low in the center, the other about 1/32”. I had warranty send a replacement, and when I received the new one, it had a 1/8” sag or bow in the middle – completely scrap. I’m living with the originals for now, but I’m not done pursuing this one to my satisfaction yet. I’ve read other reviews talking about dead flat tables and extensions but I’ve certainly not seen them. Surface grinding cast iron isn’t rocket science and it should be easy to produce flat surfaces, unless the metal isn’t allowed to fully cool or cure or it warps during or after grinding. At any rate, it should never be allowed to ship out in such a condition. This is a very basic manufacturing quality control practice that obviously is lacking in many cases.The fold-up outfeed table is nice, but the holes were not in the right location on the support bracket, causing it to sit ¼” below the table top. I re-drilled the pivot hole in the proper location and then shimmed up the hinges with washers and now it works great.Bottom line – this is a great saw by design with its combination of features, and it’s working quite well now, not at all due to as shipped factory quality, but due entirely to the days I’ve spent (and 3 trips back to Sears to order warranty replacement parts) getting it working right – and I’m still not done. I gave it a 3 overall, splitting the difference between a 5 for design and a 1 for delivered quality. Even though I now love the saw and it’s working well, I’m not sure I’d go through it again.

Having owned the saw for over a year, I decided to put it through its paces before I jumped in and gave a rash review. Like many owners of this quality saw, I am a hobbyist. However, I worked my way through high school and part of college in a cabinet shop. I'm quite familiar with the Unisaw and PM66. When it came time to outfit my own home woodworking shop, I was on a budget. I started out with the typical bench top saw, and swapped and traded my way up. When I finally started making furniture, I gave up my beloved Ryobi BT3000 and moved to a Delta contractor saw. It was a fine tool, but it took up too much room in the garage with the motor hanging out the back. I was able to part it out for a little bit of profit and moved straight to a 3hp cabinet saw with a 50" Biesemeyer fence. That particular saw was a Dayton, and the design is still used by Craftsman Professional and Delta. Although it was a fine saw, it had a non-standard plate insert and was way to large for my small home-shop. I also found it inconvenient to have to place it close to my only 220v outlet. I needed something else....So then the hybrids hit the market. I was initially underwhelmed, as I saw the offerings from DeWalt, Hitachi, and JET. They had all of the same same weaknesses of a contractor saw (table mounted trunions and difficult alignment), and only the benefit of a smaller footprint. There was no way I was going to give up my cabinet saw for anything I was seeing on the market. Woodnet turned me on to the Craftsman/Orion, and I went to take a look. I liked what I saw, but was still not convinced. Several months went by, and the huge cabinet saw was just not working out well in my shop (220v and mobility). I suddenly found the 22124 on discount and decided to make the change. I was able to sell my used cabinet saw for the same price as the new Craftsman, so I didn't get hit in the pocket to "downgrade". After a year of use, it is one of the wisest decisions I've made. The 22124 has never failed to make an accurate cut, even in 8/4 hard maple and 4/4 Ipe. The fit and finish are top notch, and it was almost nuts on out of the box. I only had to shim the left table extension less than .005" with aluminum foil to get a totally flat table across the length. The blade runout is less than .001" on the supplies Leitz blade. The only real change I've made is going from standard (1/8") kerf blades to thin kerf. I should have done that anyway, as the newer high quality blades have great tooling and no deflection. The stock miter gauge is great, I use it on my band saw and oscillating belt sander all the time. I prefer a Jessem Mite-r-excel on the table saw though. The outfeed table is pretty nice for stock, but not quite large enough. The stock splitter/guard is average. I'm still wanting to get a Shark Guard, but haven't done so yet. All-in-all, this saw can't be beat. I don't think there is a better saw on the market for less than the usually sell price, and no other hybrid comes close. It cuts straight, clean and accurate; and I have never come close to bogging it down. I had one incident of "kick-back", when I had the guard off and was being unsafe. It shot the board back just as hard as my old cabinet saw would have......

Best in class of the 110v saws. It'd take a full blown 3hp cabinet to get a more substantial machine. 425# of stability, excellent Biesemeyer commercial fence, very good Leitz stock blade, easy to align cabinet mounted trunnions, laminate extension table, fold up outfeed table, efficient serptentine drive belt, good DC from the enclosed cabinet, and miter gauge fence with hold down clamp. It has plenty of power for a homeshop environment and is a joy to use. Frequent discounts make it available for much less than the MSRP.


Great value if you can get it on discount like I did.(It is curious to find this saw catagorized as a cabinet saw on this web site when others have labeled it a hybrid.)Price:Very Good: I purchased this saw at a good price (20% off list) during the holidays. Delivery:Excellent: I chose the delivery option because of the weight and the help I would receive from the folks at Sears. The delivery was a smooth process. The saw was placed in my garage workshop. I was called with the time the day before and on the day of arrival.Packing:Excellent: I was quite impressed with the metal frame surrounding the saw cabinet to protect it during shipping. The saw arrived in pristine condition.Fit and Finish/Assembly:Good: Very simple setup. The manual must have been updated since I didn't experience the problems that others claimed. The only issues I had was that I needed to tap the holes on the cabiniet for a few screws that hold some of the accessories. Other than that, I had no issues what so ever. Blade was only .002 out of alignment with the mitre slot. Saw top is very flat. The top is not as "polished" as a Powermatic but that is to be expected. Performance:Very good: Nickel test was flawless. The Biesemeyer fence is wonderful. Smooth running saw. For a hobbyist, it will handle all of my needs.


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