Shoulder Plane No. 410 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Shoulder Plane No. 410

Clifton - Shoulder Plane No. 410

Clifton’s 410 plane is the smaller version of its standard shoulder plane.

$215 (As of 8/1/2004)

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Editor's Review: Shoulder Planes Reviewed

by Chris Gochnour

review date: August 1, 2004

Clifton is a maker of hand tools in Sheffield, England, a historic mecca for steel- and tool-making. Each of the Clifton planes has a cast-iron body, which is ground and polished. The lever caps are made from unbreakable, malleable iron. The machining of the Clifton 410 was of high quality. The soles and sides of the plane were straight and true.

The 1/8-in.-thick blade, made from oil-hardened tool steel, contributed to a solid, chatter-free cut. Blade adjustments are made by knurled captive nuts that engage the blade via a slot in its back. Although smooth and precise, with minimal backlash (slop), the nuts inadvertently slightly altered the blade’s lateral position.

The wide blades on the Clifton planes require them to be set either to the left or to the right for use. To avoid this adjustment, the blades can be ground narrower.

The Clifton 410 is a smaller version of the 420. Its lightweight and slender body made it easy to hold in one hand, so the plane could be used to access awkward or confined places, such as when cleaning the bottom of dadoes and grooves.

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Editor Test Results:

Sole Flatness N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Clifton
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number
Adjustable Mouth N/A
Blade Size N/A
Materials 59-61 Rockwell “C” hardness

Good heft and comfortable to hold. Blade takes an edge well! good size for deepening a 3/4 inch dado.

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