14-in. Bandsaw 32206-1VGA - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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14-in. Bandsaw 32206-1VGA

Central Machinery - 14-in. Bandsaw 32206-1VGA

Central Machinery’s 14-in. bandsaw is low-cost for its category. It features a 6-in. height capacity and 14-in. width capacity from the frame to the blade.

$300 (As of 1/1/2002)

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Editor's Review: 14-in. Bandsaws Reviewed

by Tom Begnal

review date: January 1, 2002

The bandsaw is a versatile tool that rips, resaws, crosscuts, and cuts curves. And when the table is tilted, it makes all kinds of angle cuts, too. Plus it can be used to cut tenons, dovetails, and various other joints. The 14-in. size is good for most small shops, so we decided to test nine popular models on the market, evaluating them for wheel roundness, alignment, blade tension, and table flatness.

The Central machinery Model is the lowest-priced saw of the bunch and a near twin to the Reliant. The saw mustered only 8,000 psi in the tension test, but it produced acceptable resaw and curve cuts. When resawing, the motor bogged down when the stock was pushed too fast, a problem corrected by slowing the feed rate. The fence doesn’t adjust for blade drift and the table insert is flimsy plastic. Yet, if price is a big issue, and you’re only an occasional bandsaw user, it’s worth considering.

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Editor Test Results:

Blade Changing N/A
Table Flatness 0.010-in. dish
Frame Deflection N/A
Wheel Alignment 0.185 in.
Runout N/A
Tension Tension at 3/4 in.: 8,000 psi
Quality of Cut N/A
Table-Lock Effectiveness N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Central Machinery
Manufacturer's Web Site www.centralmachinery.net/
Manufacturer's Phone Number 1-800-444-3353
Rip Fence Included Yes
Riser Block Option Yes
Rip Capacity 13-3/4 in.
Guide Type N/A
Table Tilt 16° left; 52° right
Table Size 13-3/4 in. square
Horsepower 1 hp
Amps 9 amps
Volts N/A
Speed N/A
Blade N/A
Resaw Capacity 6 in.

Piece of junk. Wheels badly out of balance, upper blade guide will not consistently lock parallel nor square to blade, and machine vibrates so much it wants to follow me around the shop. For the same or less money one can buy a very nice used 50's or 60's Delta and have twice the machine.


I found absolutely nothing wrong with this tool and the price can't be beat. There are many third party accessories you can buy to "soup up" the saw just like you would with any other brand. I love mine and use it all the time!

It is possibly the worst directions I have ever encountered. The directions contradict the assembly diagrams and worst the parts are not machined correctly. I have not even used the tool yet and problems have started already. I would have never considered buying such a low grade tool, but it was given to me as present. Now I am stuck with it, as space in my shop is limited. Who seriously buys this stuff?! Worse yet, who designs such a low quality tool and still has the ability to get up in the morning with a clear conscious. Shame on you! Dumbing of evolution!

I drove over to the local Harbor Freight store and picked this up on sale for a hair over $200.00 with tax. I wqasn't expecting much, but never having used a band saw before, I had read all I could on the subject.Assembly was straightforwared, the manual sufficiently clear,and the fit of all the parts was near perfect. The only problem was the blade supplied with the saw. I replaced it with a 1/2" 3 tpi skip from BC Saw and was resawing 6" maple and cherry as thin as 1/16" on the first try. Properly tweaked, there's not much need for blade drift correction as long as the blade is sharp, and @ about $8.50/blade, I can afford to keep a good one on. Power is more than adequate, the table locks down tightly, little vibration, and the 4-speed feature is handy. Just run it faster, and bogging problems go away. I've resawed oak, redheart, and purpleheart with no problem.I replaced the plastic blade guides with maple. They last longer, run cooler, are easier to square, and cheap to replace.All in all, I'm very happy with this tool, especially considering what I paid for it. I've had friends who paid much more for "name brand" saws who are not as satisfied as I am. Money well spent in my book. Leaves more for wood!stevetaulbee@hotmail.com

After going to bt3central.com and doing some upgrades to this saw, its performing very well. Total invested into the saw is about 300$ (includes saw, v-belt, 6" riser kit and quick-tension release), added some twolf blades and it cuts like a dream.

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