10-in. Tablesaw BW-10LTS - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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10-in. Tablesaw BW-10LTS

Bridgewood - 10-in. Tablesaw BW-10LTS

This tablesaw from Bridgewood features a left-tilting 10-in. dia. blade, and rivals the quality of the Delta Unisaw and the Powermatic 66 tablesaw.

$1,495 (As of 10/1/2003)

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Editor's Review:

by Tim Albers

review date: October 1, 2003

Wilke Machinery Co. recently introduced the Bridgewood BW-10LTS, a left-tilting 10-in. cabinet saw. This saw is refined to an exceptional degree and rivals the quality of the Delta Unisaw and the Powermatic 66 tablesaws.

Even up close, the fit and finish were impressive. The top and the two cast-iron extension tables had an even satin finish. The cabinet and internal castings looked to be well made. Only a few edges were a little sharp, and one extension table was slightly rough underneath.

Several important parts were measured, and all of the results were excellent. The top and the extension tables, measured from front to back, were only mildly crowned and certainly within acceptable range—one wing was out by 0.003 in., the other by 0.002 in., and the top by less than 0.002 in. Arbor runout was less than 0.001 in. The tablesaw's miter-gauge slots were parallel to the blade but out of true by about 0.008 in. from the front to the back of the top, although this was easily corrected by adjusting the miter gauge.

The height-adjustment mechanism worked as smooth as silk. On the other hand, the tilt mechanism was noticeably rough. The problem seemed to be related to some roughness in the threads.

Some small details indicate that the designers were thinking. Flats on the arbor shaft let you use two wrenches to tighten or loosen the arbor nut. The pulley is a three-belt design, and a slanted floor in the cabinet directs dust toward the collection port.

The saw came with several unremarkable accessories: a 50-tooth blade, a stamped-steel arbor-nut wrench, a blade guard with splitter, and a small miter gauge.

Vibration was very low. Indeed, my pencil stayed put on the extension table while the tablesaw was running. On my saw, it walks toward the edge and ends up falling to the floor.

Editor Test Results:

Table Flatness 0.003 out of flat
Parallel Test Miter slot to blade: 0.008 out of parallel
Arbor Runout Less than 0.001 in.
Noise Level N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Bridgewood
Manufacturer's Web Site www.wilkemach.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-235-2100
Max Rip Capacity N/A
Dust Collection 4" diameter dust collection hookup
Fence N/A
Horsepower 3 hp
Amps N/A
Volts N/A
Table Size 28 in. by 43 in.
Blade Size 10 in.
Blade Tilt Left

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