Bosch - PS10-2 I-Driver - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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PS10-2 I-Driver

Bosch - PS10-2 I-Driver

Bosch's I-Driver 10.8v cordless drill-driver features a pivoting head and a lithium-ion battery.

$150 (As of 10/15/2006)

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Editor's Review: Bosch Introduces Compact Right-Angle Drill

by John White

review date: October 15, 2006

Bosch's latest lithium-ion cordless tool is the 10.8v I-Driver (model PS10-2). The drill-driver has some useful features, such as a pivoting head, plenty of power, and an electronic clutch, but it is heavy and bulky. The tool weighs 2-1/2 lb. and has a 2-1/2-in.-dia. grip, making it awkward to hold, even with large hands.

The trigger is comfortable, but the variable speed is hard to control when driving screws. However, the tool has enough power to drive 227, 2-in.-long drywall screws into a stack of MDF. For drilling, the 600-rpm Bosch is too slow to compete well against a cordless drill. That said, the pivoting head and the power offered could make the tool useful for installing hardware inside cabinets. The kit comes with two batteries, a carrying case, and a 30-minute charger.

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Editor Test Results:

Runout N/A
Ergonomics Poor Grip
Tool Balance Good
Endurance on a Single Charge Drove 227, 2-in.-long drywall screws into MDF
Torque N/A
Transmission Electronic
Chuck Quality Good

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Bosch
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 877-267-2499
Chuck Type/Materials Hex Connect; Metal
Clutch Settings Electronic
Chuck Capacity Hex Bits
Speed 600 rpm
Volts 10.8v
Corded/Cordless Cordless
Recharge Time 30 min.
Battery Type Lithium-Ion

My 10v Bosch drill gets five stars; my driver 4+. My PS10 angle screwdriver gets only 2 because the torque clutch does not work. Too much torque even at its lowest setting. It sits on the shelf until I need to drive a screw in a tight space.

I have used Bosch for more than 20 years. I was an Electrical Contractor for most of that time and the Bosch I had always gave me good service.The only problem I had was with their 18 volt cordless drill/driver. I broke all three of them and finally settled on a Milwaukee instead. Working off ladders, I dropped all three and they all broke in the same spot at the chuck. No complaints though, Home depot replaced each one of them. Finally, Bosch must have a lot of complaints about them because after my third accident with the 18 volt, they pulled them from the market and redid the motor drive coupling.

Looked as if it might be good for a lot of things; a design solution looking for a problem is what it turned out to be! The package describes it as a 'percussion' tool...not. It also claims 80 inch-lbs torque; sorry, I measured mine at half that, on new and fresh batteries. Maybe they have their own copywriter concept of torque that mates with the 'drives 100 3" screws' label. My guess is that most woodworkers would not interpret that as woodscrews into fully predrilled and counterbored holes, but that's what they must mean.Again, on the bench, the various clutch settings were so close to each other as to be essentially the same, and meaningless, as the motor overload cutout operates very close to the same point, right at 35-40 inch-lbs after a second or so. It's too bad, because fine control at the low end would be a good and novel feature. The 'drill' setting is clutchless, but that motor cutout stops it anyway. In right-angle mode, which is what's appealing in the first place, the head is not as compact as that on a drive accessory, and you can't get as close to a tight area, like a corner, but it's otherwise great for being able to work with your hand close to the driver, and the 'soft start' is super for starting screws slowly. The trigger is unguarded and sort of has a lockout if you fiddle with the reversing switch, (not mentioned in the manual), but otherwise it's a poor idea to drop the tool into your tool carrier or bucket, and the supplied holster basically doesn't work. Hang it off a belt hook, I think. The large diameter isn't that bad (I have very small hands) because the tool isn't very strong, and it won't get away from you if the head is angled at all. A couple of small changes and this thing could be the screwdriver of tomorrow.

This is one of the greatest tools that I have seen is quite some time. I am a cabinet maker and the products that I build require lots of screws in the hinges, slides and hardware. The greatest thing about the tool is how easy the head can be changed to get into the smallest spots. The other thing I like is the tool is not a heavy duty driver but for the work I use it for I and adjust the power down to prevent over loading a screw. When pressure is satisfied the motor stops. The battery has very good life. With two batteries in the kit I have never run out of battery. I have two of these but one is still in the box, haven't needed it yet and I don't want someone to steal it. Everyone that has looked at feels it would work well for them. Some comments that I have read in reviews indicate that they didn't like the way the bit is changed, too cumbersome. This is what I like about the tool, the bit doesn't fall out when removing it from the screw like some tools do.

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