Laminate Trimmer 1609AKX Multiple-Base - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Laminate Trimmer 1609AKX Multiple-Base

Bosch - Laminate Trimmer 1609AKX Multiple-Base

Since this review, Bosch has come out with the Colt line of laminate trimmers available with and without a variable-speed motor.

$250 (As of 10/25/2005)

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Editor's Review: Laminate Trimmers

by Kim Carleton Graves

review date: October 25, 2005

After evaluating 10 laminate trimmers, both single-base and multiple-base models, it became clear that several qualities contributed to making a trimmer user-friendly. While none of the trimmers could do everything, the best ones were light enough to use with one hand; had a switch that could be operated with the hand holding the tool; didn't have to be taken apart for bit changes; gave the user a clear view of the cutting action; didn't have lots of small parts to get lost; and let the user keep the bit perpendicular to the router base while adjusting the depth of cut. Here's how the DeWalt fared:

Advantages: The Bosh felt good in my hand - squat and well balanced with a good-size base. The case is all metal, with plenty of space to hold tools and screws while you’re changing bases.

Disadvantages: In general, this unit was difficutl to adjust and assemble. The four dedicated bases must be screwed to the motor housing. The vertical adjustment was sloppy: To raise or lower the unit, I had to loosen the knob that holds the vertical position but tightening the knob again changed the position of the bit. The trim guide, held in place with two screws, was difficult to adjust. And I couldn’t change bits with both the base and trim guide in place.

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Editor Test Results:

Bit Changing Fair: two wrenches
Base Changing N/A
Plunge/Height Adjustment Ease of vertical adjustment: Fair
Runout N/A
Quality of Cut N/A
Vibration at Handles N/A
Router Table Suitability N/A
Noise Rating N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Bosch
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 877-267-2499
Opening at Base N/A
Built-in Dust Collection N/A
Horsepower N/A
Amps 5.6 amps
Watts N/A
Volts N/A
Speed 30,000 rpm
Collet Size 1/4 in.
Maximum Plunge/Height N/A
Tilting Base Yes
Special Features Case included: Yes; Edge guide included: Yes; Templates included: Yes; Corner base: Yes; Seaming base: Yes
Product Warranty N/A

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