Circular Saw CS20 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Circular Saw CS20

Bosch - Circular Saw CS20

This circular saw from Bosch is powered by plugging an extension cord directly into a receptical in the saw.

$140 (As of 1/2/2005)

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Editor's Review:

by Mike Guertin

review date: January 2, 2005

Right away we noticed something different about the CS20: There is no power cord, but there is a convenient rafter hook. The saw also has Bosch’s Direct Connect system, with recessed, male electronic prongs in the handle. Plug in a heavy-duty extension cord and thread it through a slot and hook to prevent disconnections.

The spring-loaded lever locks for depth and bevel can be pulled outward and repositioned. The bevel adjustment has details at 22.5° and 45°, and the depth adjuster has detents at common dimensions, but none were positive enough to rely on without looking at the scales. The CS20 weighs 10.4 ib. and has a hang-up-resistant blade guard.

Editor Test Results:

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Bosch
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 877-267-2499
Blade Size 7 1/4 dia.
Maximum Depth Cut 2 7/16 in.
Amps 15 amps

The base on mine was twisted/warped and flimsy. 1st time disappointed with a Bosch tool.

I recently replaced my 8 year old Milwaukee tilt lock ( which is a great saw also) with the Bocsh CS20. I bought it for a couple of reasons; One, I have a Bosch model RS20 Reciprocating Saw. Although there are no fancy features on the RS20, it has been a work horse, tough, and plenty of power. Two, I have read many reviews on the Bosch CS20 and decided to try it out. I have built 4 decks and 3 houses and it is a very solid saw. Among some of the nice features out side of the rafter hook and direct connect system, is the built in blower system which is a very nice option when cutting ply panels while decking a roof. The self adjusting blade depth lever is also convenient option. The only draw back is making plunge cuts as compared to the Milwaukee Tilt-Loc. With the Bosch, unless you have HUGE hands, it is nearly impossible to hold the blade guard up with your front hand. The Tilt-Loc was much easier. Outside of that, a very fine saw

This is a review of the worm gear Bosch saw. The saw has great power and it is very easy to saw plywood in a straight line. My saw has the power connection in the handle which allows me to plug an extension cord directly into the saw. I don't know if any of you are like me but as much work as I do with the saw I seem to nick the cords at times and if I do I just change the extension cord and I am back in business. The cord can be looped into the handle so you can lift the saw by the cord if necessary when passing up to a greater height. Bosch tools in general are built very tough.

Like the rafter hook. Like the cord feature. Power is great. Like not having a safety trigger. The blade guard kicks out of the way easily and smoothly. Sight line is good. Like the arbor lock feature. Soft case is nice. Saw is a definite pleasure to use. Only 1 drawback so far... doesn't seem to have a spot on the saw to hold the blade wrench like my old 'skil saw' did.

This circular saw has excellent power for its size. The depth shoe is easy to set, although it is so lightweight, I don't yet know how much abuse it will take. It could be improved with a slot in the handle to store the wrench, but that's a minor quibble. The arbor lock works great and should be a finger-saver when changing the blades. The blade is easy to change. The direct connect demands that you already have an extension cord along with you, and there is no chance of hanging the cord in your work with no plug-in connection. This is a low-cost circular saw, but it is just the trick for trimming large sheets down to size before you start on the table and miter saw. Altogether, it is a bargain with plenty of power.Karlos

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