1617EVSPK Router Combo Kit - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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1617EVSPK Router Combo Kit

Bosch - 1617EVSPK Router Combo Kit

Bosch’s combination router kit features a 2 1/4 hp motor and operates at variable speeds

$220 (As of 12/1/2004)

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Editor Choice-Best Overall

Editor's Review: Tool Test: Router Combo Kits

by Tom Begnal

review date: December 1, 2004

With one of two author's awards of Best Overall, the Bosch router combo gets high marks for handle comfort, fixed-mode bit changing, plunge-lock convenience, bit-depth setting in the fixed mode, and vibration. The fixed base of this model is identical to the manufacturer's dedicated router, but the plunge base differs. Plunge action, however, is particularly smooth. The Bosch is an excellent choice, especially for those who have no plans to use a router table.

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Editor Test Results:

Bit Changing Fixed Base: Very Good; Plunge Base: Very Good
Base Changing Very Good
Plunge/Height Adjustment Plunge Performance: Excellent; Stop System: Good
Runout N/A
Quality of Cut Very Good
Vibration at Handles Excellent
Router Table Suitability Very Good
Noise Rating 91 db.

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Bosch
Manufacturer's Web Site www.boschtools.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 877-267-2499
Opening at Base Wide base openings and 2-in. subbase openings
Built-in Dust Collection No
Horsepower 2-1/4 hp
Amps 12 amps
Watts N/A
Volts N/A
Speed Variable Speed: 8,000 rpm to 25,000 rpm
Collet Size 1/4 in., 1/2 in.
Maximum Plunge/Height N/A
Tilting Base N/A
Special Features D-Handle Included: No; Edge Guide Included: No ($40 accessory)
Product Warranty N/A

I've had this router for two years. It's been used as a hand tool (not in a table). I've edged oak, maple and popular. Used the plunge base to make wide radius curves in 2" oak. Also used it with 1.75" core box bit in oak. Power has never been a problem. So for power, control and versatility I give it high marks. It starts smoothly (when it starts) and has a good "feel" to it when its cutting. Bit changing is a little awkward but ok. The plunge base does have a drawback. It takes too much initial "push" to get the thing started down, making it difficult to ease into the work. The power switch is significant short coming. On my third one. The Bosch people were nice enough to send me new ones but when they fail is when you need them, and it takes at least a week to ship. Technology this simple shouldn't fail. Also the motor body has gotten ####bit scratched from switching between bases. It's now difficult to slide it into either base.

Easy transition between plunge and fixed base. The plunge action is the smoothest I was able to find after some hands on with other popular combo kits. Dust extraction is excellent with the optional attachments. Great kit to own.

Easy to use and NO vibration. Very accurate. Good speed adjustment and one of the finest I have owned. Much better than the rest of the routers sold in this price range.

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