1295DVS Random-Orbit Sander - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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1295DVS Random-Orbit Sander

Bosch - 1295DVS Random-Orbit Sander

The Bosch 5 in. random-orbit palm sander features a 2.2 amp motor with variable speed of 7,000 rpm to 12,000 rpm

$78 (As of 7/1/2006)

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Editor's Review: Random-Orbit Palm Sanders

by Andy Engel

review date: July 1, 2006

The Bosch sander was easy to control but did move the workpiece in testing. Engel also measured the sander for aggressiveness by sanding a poplar board for five minutes and measuring how much wood was removed. Then he measured the amount of dust the sander collected. The Bosch sander removed 10 grams of stock over the five minutes and 13 grams when the vacuum was attached.

In addition, Engel sanded clear Plexiglass to compare the sanders' scratch patterns. The Bosch sander had an excellent scratch pattern. Engel found that the machines with the most uniform scratch pattern tended to be the most aggressive.

Those with weak hands may have difficulty attaching the vacuum adapter for the Bosch sander. The adapter is not included. With vacuum attached, the sander collects 90% of external dust.

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Editor Test Results:

Dust Collection Effectiveness 60%
Location of Controls N/A
Vibration Rating Very Good
Noise 85 db.

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Bosch
Manufacturer's Web Site www.boschtools.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 877-267-2499
Tilt N/A
Dust Collection Microfilter Dust Canister
Horsepower N/A
Amps 2.2 amp
Volts N/A
Speed Variable Speed: 7,000 rpm to 12,000 rpm
Stroke N/A
Abrasive Component Size 5-in. disk
Maximum Capacity N/A

Very pleased with this sander. I have an older, larger Bosch 6" sander but needed a new small random orbit for less hand fatigue and getting into smaller areas. Although Fine Woodworking and other reviewers mention NOT getting the vacuum attachment it in fact does now come stock with these sanders and I received one as well. Dust collection could be improved upon some but not terrible at all. The vibration is FAR better than similar Porter Cable or DeWalt models. My other Bosch tools have taken a lot of use and abuse and keep delivering as they should. I expect nothing different from my time with this sander either. VERY pleased with this sander. Best bang for the buck for a 5" variable speed, low vibration (very big deal), and smooth operating for smooth, swirl-free substrates. I can replace this 4 or 5 times before I can pay for a single Festool sander. No brainer. If it lasts as long as I've had my last Bosch sander (11 years) that would be 44-55 years worth before I paid for a single Festool sander. If I am still alive then I'll be amazed. If I am still sanding at that age I'll be pissed!

Until recently the 1295DVS has been pretty good. However, the foam base to which the sandpaper attaches just completely disintegrated. I bought a new base (RS032 for $19.95 + tax). At the tool shop where I bought the new base they told me that they fail regularly. My DeWalt has not had such a problem and it is much older than the Bosch.

This next to worst sander I have ever used, and it was recommended by Fine Woodworking. It vibrates excessively, is not smooth traversing the work piece just real junk. Rich (Denver)

I bought this after reading the review in issue 185. I should have looked a little closer.In order to use dust collection with this tool, you have to buy the Bosch adaptor (as the article mentioned). With shipping, that adds over $10 to the cost. What wasn't clear to me from the article was the fact that the adaptor only works with Bosch vacuum hoses. That means that you need another adaptor, which Lowes sells for about $12. That's $22 added that you don't need to spend if you buy the Porter-Cable unit that Fine Homebuilding rated Number 1.When in use, these adaptors need to be held in place, making sanding a 2-handed operation. And, as the article said, that still only gets 90% of the dust, so theres' still some cleanup (mostly on the sander itself). Best use this on a downdraft table.I cannot complain about the results, however. It does an excellent job of sanding.

Like most things bosch this sander has the quality of build, power, and performance that is simply outstanding. Going from a Dewalt Sander to the Bosch was like going from an old ford to a BMW. No swirl marks, great material removal, and pads with different densities make this a versatile tools that does a great job.

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