Barr Specialty Tools - Bench Chisel(1) - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Bench Chisel(1)

Barr Specialty Tools - Bench Chisel(1)

Barr Specialty Tools feature hand-forged carbon steel blades.

$300 (set of four) (As of 12/1/1999)

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Editor's Review:

by Rex Alexander

review date: December 1, 1999

Handmade in McCall, Idaho, this chisel is very expensive -- it costs $300 for a set of four -- but it is a delight to hold and behold. This well-balanced tool comes buff polished out of the package. The side edges of the chisel were knife sharp, which I don’t like, but I was able to knock off the edges fairly easily with 120-grit sandpaper. The chisel sharpens easily, and the cutting edge lasted a long time. The tool scored an “good” on the toughness test.

Editor Test Results:

Toughness ranking 5

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Barr Specialty Tools
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-235-4452
Blade Size N/A
Rockwell hardness 61C
Materials N/A

These are great chisels, what you would expect for being hand forged and expensive. They feel great in the hand and cut superbly. I have a set of Ashley Iles which I like alot but these are the ones I reach for any time I cut dovetails or need to really use the mallet. These would be the set I would chose if I only had one choice. Really well made chisels!

What can I say..they are great. They come pretty well flat, and only took less than 20mins for the whole set to be flattened and honed ready for use. Save lots of time, and I know as I have spent almost two days getting another make of chisel almost flat!!

These are absolutely outstanding chisels. I've had my set for about three years now, and I use them almost every single day. They sharpen easily, yet they hold an edge remarkably well. These tools seem to be built for heavy-duty use (or abuse), as Mr. Quarton also makes framing slicks, but each chisel is more than capable of delicate work. In short, these tools have everything you could want in a chisel. My only (minor) complaint is the relatively "tall" profile on the 1/8" chisel, which can in some cases make dovetailing difficult.

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