Protractor-Style Miter Gauge A30 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Protractor-Style Miter Gauge A30

AngleWright Tool Co. - Protractor-Style Miter Gauge A30

This sturdy miter gauge is limited to three angle settings for crosscuts and miters.

$84 (As of 10/1/2003)

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Editor's Review: Tool Test: Replacement Miter Gauges

by Tim Albers

review date: October 1, 2003

Miter gauges don’t get much simpler than the AngleWright: a machined steel bar and simple aluminum head with only three attachment angles—one at 90° and two at 45°. There are no settings in between. To change angles, you simply unscrew the brass knob, remove the head, and reposition it on the guide bar. There are no fine-tuning features on the head of this miter gauge, but it doesn’t need any: It was straight and square out of the box.

The AngleWright is supplied with a guide bar machined for the user’s specific saw. The one specified for my tablesaw fit the miter slots almost perfectly. The guide bar has three small nylon adjustment setscrews for fine-tuning the fit.

The AngleWright has no additional features or available options. Basically, this streamlined but solid miter gauge cut the three commonly used angles accurately.

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Editor Test Results:

Ease of Use N/A
Quality Very Good

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer AngleWright Tool Co.
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 510-608-2470
Positive angle stops 3: 90°, 45° each way
Built-in Dust Collection N/A
Type of Adjustments N/A
Compatibility Standard Miter Slot
Settings and Stops N/A
Maximum Capacity N/A
Tilt N/A

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