8-in. Dovetail Saw - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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8-in. Dovetail Saw

Crown Tools - 8-in. Dovetail Saw

The Adria was the fastest-cutting saw of those tested, in spite of its short length.

$135 (As of 4/1/2006)

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Editor Choice-Best Overall

Editor's Review: Dovetail Saws

by Chris Gochnour

review date: April 1, 2006

This test evaluated 11 Western-style dovetail saws, from $10 to $125. I used each one extensively in cherry, oak, and maple, making cuts with the grain and across it. I observed how fast each saw cut, the ease with which it started a cut, how smooth the saw was throughout the cut, and how well it tracked a line. I also checked the saw's quality of construction and ergonomics. 

Although it took me a while to get used to the hang of the Adria saw, once I did, the tool was impressive. The factory sharpening job is superior, making it the fastest-cutting saw of those tested, in spite of its short length. It left a thin, clean kerf and tracked a dead-straight line. The tradeoff with its speed is that the saw was slightly more difficult to start. The Adria is my choice for best overall in the pistol-grip category.  

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Editor Test Results:

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Crown Tools
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number
Teeth per Inch (tpi) 15 tpi
Blade Material Spring Steel Hardened to RC52; Back Support: Slotted Brass
Handle Material Bubinga

Would be able to rate it if the company had bothered to respond to my request about shipping fees, and whether it was possible to ship internationally. This rating therefore applies to Adria's customer response.

The hand saw is beautifully made, fits your hand comfortably, cuts straight and smooth with little effort. It is a beautiful tool. What else is there? I wish they made a case or scabbard for it.

It is a great saw that I got from "Tools for Working Wood". If you want to hand cut dovetails you can't go wrong with this saw. However, since I got this, Gramercy Tools (Tools for Working Wood's own tool line) has made their own dovetail saw that is superb. For about the same price, I would choose that one. But either way, you can't go wrong.

I worked up from the usual inexpensive back saws like Stanley and once feeling good about my skill level, decided to invest in a quality tool. I tried both the Lie-Nielsen and the Adria at a local woodworking show and was impressed by both. Since everyone I know went with the Lie-Nielsen I was contrary and purchased the Adria. The return guarantee was very large in my thinking but after nearly two years you couldn't pry this saw out of my hands. I use it for handsawn dovetails and it has always worked well for me: tracks well and cuts a clean kerf. Starting is not a problem after a true journeyman cabinet maker friend showed me his trick on starting on difficult end grain woods. Highly recommended even if you never use the saw. It is gorgeous just sitting there on the bench after a fresh coat of wax has been applied to the handle and blade.


Well-sharpened right out of the box. Precise cutting. (Needed minimal tuning to track straight.)Tote takes a little getting used to, but saw is well-balanced and comfortable in the hand.Head-to-head with other "high-end" dovetail saws, this one was the clear winner for me.

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