A tablesaw is the first stationary power tool that many woodworkers buy, but a bandsaw is usually not far behind. In some woodshops, where handling large pieces of plywood is not part of the usual repertoire, a bandsaw may actually be the first choice.
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  • Image not availableJWBS-14SF 14-in. Bandsaw

    by Roland Johnson

    With its massive resaw capacity and well-designed fence, Jet’s new 14-in. bandsaw is impressive. The bandsaw can resaw boards up to 13-1/2 in. wide, the largest ...

  • Image not available14/Twelve Bandsaw

    by Roland Johnson

    Last winter, while touring with The Woodworking Shows, I saw a prototype of the Laguna 14/Twelve bandsaw and was impressed. Now, after using a production model ...

  • Image not available1500PM Bandsaw

    by Roland Johnson

    When evaluating a bandsaw, I use specific criteria to determine how good the machine is. In a perfect world, I want a very rigid upper guide post so the blade won’t ...

  • Image not available10-350 14-in. Professional Bandsaw

    by Roland Johnson

    The bandsaw is the most versatile machine in a shop because it can rip, resaw, and cut curves. A 14-in. saw is the most popular size because it offers a fair amount ...

  • How to Set Up a BandsawVideo: How to Set Up a Bandsaw

    with Michael C. Fortune

    Furniture maker Michael Fortune shows you how to properly set up your bandsaw for flawless cuts, every time

  • Tool Test: Step Up to a Serious BandsawTool Test: Step Up to a Serious Bandsaw

    by Roland Johnson

    Adding a riser block to a 14-in. bandsaw does add resaw capacity, but it doesn't provide the additional power needed for big resaw cuts, and it doesn't provide ...

  • Two-Speed Bandsaws are Overkill for WoodworkingQ & A: Two-Speed Bandsaws are Overkill for Woodworking

    by Roland Johnson

  • Tool Guide 2009Tool Guide 2009

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Free online extras from our newsstand-only publication featuring expert tool reviews, videos, and articles

  • New Breed of BandsawsNew Breed of Bandsaws

    by Thomas McKenna

    The 14-in. bandsaw offers a great blend of price and performance for the small-shop woodworker. Associate editor Tom McKenna looked at eight machines with a minimum ...

  • Evaluating a 14-in. BandsawVideo: Evaluating a 14-in. Bandsaw

    with Thomas McKenna

    See how we tested these essential shop machines for resaw capacity and general fit and finish

  • IWF 2006: Complete Video CoverageIWF 2006: Complete Video Coverage

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    See what new tools manufacturers are rolling out for 2007 in our video coverage from the International Woodworking Fair

  • IWF 2006: Rikon 14-in. BandsawVideo: IWF 2006: Rikon 14-in. Bandsaw

    with Roland Johnson

    Extra resaw capacity and large table among thoughtful features aimed at woodworkers

  • Start-Up Tool Company Takes on GiantsStart-Up Tool Company Takes on Giants

    by Asa Christiana

    Delta, WMH veterans break away to form Steel City Tool Works

  • Bandsaw-Tension Handle ExtensionVideo: Bandsaw-Tension Handle Extension

    with John White

    A quick fix for an awkward problem

  • Jet Updates its 18-in. BandsawVideo: Jet Updates its 18-in. Bandsaw

    with Roland Johnson

    The tool maker makes improvements to its shop workhorse

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Jet - JWBS-14SF 14-in. Bandsaw

(1 user review)

Can resaw boards up to 13-1/2 in. wide

Laguna - 14/Twelve Bandsaw

(4 user reviews)

Compact, stable, and comes with easy-to-set ceramic guides

Powermatic - PM1500 Bandsaw

Brawny bandsaw has 3-hp motor and important safety features

Rikon - 10-350 14-in. Professional Bandsaw

This bandsaw has a cast-iron table that is about 19 in. by 21 in., a resaw capacity of 14 in., and a 2-1⁄2-hp motor.

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