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Tool Test: Jointer/Planer Combo Machines

Wide jointer, heavy-duty planer, one small footprint


Combination jointer/planers, widely used in Europe but still relatively rare in the United States, maximize shop space. Instead of buying a large, pricey jointer and a separate plane, a woodworker can choose a jointer/planer that uses the same cutterhead for both operations. But does the combination mean you'll have to sacrifice performance? Roland Johnson tests four moderately priced jointer/planer models to answer the basic questions: How different are they, and how well do they work?

Models tested include the MiniMax USA FS 30, Hammer A3 31, Rojek MSP 315, and Rojek MSP 310 M.

From Fine Woodworking #190

From Fine Woodworking #190, pp. 50

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Shinmax Industrry Co. LTD. - Accu-Head

The teeth on the Accu-Head face forward, and are arranged in a steep spiral with the teeth staggered for overlapped cutting.

Byrd Tool Corp. - Byrd Shelix

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The Byrd Shelix cutterhead can be retrofitted to fit many different machines.

Grizzly Industrial - Spiral Cutterhead

Although Grizzly’s cutters face forward, they are arranged in spiral rows.

Laguna - ShearTec II

ShearTec II cutterheads can be used with Laguna planers, jointers and planer/jointers.

Powermatic - Helical Cutterhead

This cutterhead can be used with several Jet and Powermatic jointerss, planers, and planer/jointers.

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