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Tool Test: Forstner Bits

For unmatched quality and precision in your drilling, you can't beat these bits. We look at 18 brands to see which are best


No other type of drill bit can match the clean rim and sides produced by a Forstner bit. That makes it essential for woodworking: it's simply the best tool for drilling flat-bottomed holes that are sized and located accurately. Contributing editor Roland Johnson tested 18 brands of Forstner bits, and concluded that although the design and performance of different bits varies widely, you don't have to break the bank to get an excellent set. This article covers the nine bits Johnson found to be the best performers. Results for the tests on the other nine are covered in an online-only supplement.

Brands of steel bits covered in the print article include Bosch, Famag, Fisch, Freud, Grizzly, Porter-Cable, and Woodcraft. Brands of carbide bits include Freud and MLCS.

From Fine Woodworking #197

From Fine Woodworking #197, pp. 48

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