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Tool Test: Brad Nailers

Details make the difference among this group of 18-gauge nailers


Brad nailers on the market today are better than ever for woodworkers who want to use them to attach moldings to fine furniture and cabinetry. Roland Johnson reviews a dizzying number of nailers and assesses their price, weight, depth-of-set adjuster, driver-guide cover removal, safety-guard location, exhaust-port adjustment, and belt hook -- and then shares his comments.

From Fine Woodworking #168

From Fine Woodworking #168, pp. 74

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Grex Power Tools - 18-ga. Green Buddy Brad Nailer

Grex’s new 18-ga. brad nailer drives nails from 1⁄2 in. to 2 in. with precision and power.

Nikle Tools - NS2340 23-Gauge Nailer

(1 user review)

The Nikle NS2340 nailer drives both pins and brads without having to adjust or modify the gun.

Senco - Battery-Powered Nailer Airfree 41

Senco’s model No. 41 battery-powered nailer doesn’t require a compressor and can handle 15-ga. finish nails in sizes up to 2-1/2 in. long

Bostitch - 18-Gauge Brad Nailer BT200K-2

(1 user review)

The Bostitch nailer features adjustable-depth controls and an exhaust system that sends air through the handle and out the back.

Porter-Cable - 18-Gauge Brad Nailer BN200A

(4 user reviews)

Porter-Cable’s 18-gauge brad nailer features adjustable depth of drive and an adjustable exhaust port to control the direction of released air.

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