Because a block plane gets so much use, it's important that you get a very good one, one that fits your hand, cuts well, and adjusts easily. Choose wisely and you'll have a trusted friend for life. Choose poorly, and you'll kick yourself many times over. We gathered 23 of the most popular block planes on the market (both standard- and low-angle models), ranging in price from $30 to $285, and compared their performance and quality head to head, running each one through a gauntlet of common shop tasks. We'll tell you which ones are the best, and why a low-angle model is really all you need. Low-angle planes tested include: Anant 60-1Ú, Groz Low-angle, Lie-Nielsen 60-1Ú2, Lie-Nielsen 102, Rider 60-1Ú2, Stanley 60-1Ú2, Stanley Sweet Heart 60-1Ú2, Veritas DX60, Veritas NX60, Veritas Low-Angle Block Plane, and Wood River.