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Tool Test: Bandsaw Fences

An aftermarket model can work wonders


If perfect resaw cuts are your goal, consider upgrading your bandsaw's stock rip fence with an aftermarket model. There are plenty of solid ones out there. For this review, we focused on systems that will mount onto a variety of 14-in. bandsaws. That’s the size you’ll find in most woodworkers’ shops, and if you know how to set it up properly, it is plenty of machine for almost anyone. But many of these fences will also work on 16- or 18-in. saws and some are available in a larger size. We tested fences from Kreg, Grizzly, Accusquare, Excalibur, Woodhaven, EZ Square, Magswitch, Carter, and Laguna. The two standouts were obvious.

From Fine Woodworking #230

From Fine Woodworking #230, pp. 55-59

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Black Diamond Saw & Machine Works - Wright Guide Replacement Block Assembly

(1 user review)

This replacement assembly is for all-around use on 14-in. bandsaws and smaller.

Carter Products - Micro-Precision Guide Replacement Block Assembly

The Micro-Precision ball-bearing rub block guide is well suited for general-purpose work. It features Teflon-impregnated self-lubricating rub blocks.

Laguna - Ceramic Guide Block

(1 user review)

The ceramic guide-block systems from Laguna Tools is sold as a retrofit kit that can be used on other brands of bandsaws.

Paddock Tool Co. - Replacement Bearing Assembly Guide Model 10

Paddock Tool Co.’s model guides can be installed on any machine having at least 2 in. from the back of the blade to the top of the guide post.

Iturra Design - Ceramic Blocks Replacement Blocks

These all-purpose blocks are compatible with Delta bandsaws and most imported 14-in. bandsaws.

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