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Segmented Cutterheads Change the Game

Plane hundreds of feet of lumber with no tearout and no knife changes


One project’s worth of rough lumber is enough to nick and dull the straight, steel knives on your jointer and planer. That's not the case for segmented cutterheads, spelling the end of tedious blade changes. The perfectly indexed, long-lasting carbide teeth on these new cutterheads leave fewer ridges and less
tearout in all types of woods. The typical insert cutter has four sharp edges vs. one or two on high-speed-steel knives, and is made of carbide, making each edge much more durable. When you do finally need a fresh edge, the teeth are simple to loosen and turn, and they go right back into perfect position. Say goodbye to tedious knife changes.

From Fine Woodworking #223

From Fine Woodworking #223, pp. 38-43

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The teeth on the Accu-Head face forward, and are arranged in a steep spiral with the teeth staggered for overlapped cutting.

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The Byrd Shelix cutterhead can be retrofitted to fit many different machines.

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Although Grizzly’s cutters face forward, they are arranged in spiral rows.

Laguna - ShearTec II

ShearTec II cutterheads can be used with Laguna planers, jointers and planer/jointers.

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