Note: Auriou has reopened and resumed operations as of November 2008.

The 150-year-old French toolmaker Auriou, best known to American woodworkers for high-quality, hand-cut rasps and rifflers, ceased operations in early October. In a written statement from the company, owner Michel Auriou blamed labor issues for the closing.

However, the statement suggests that Auriou might not yet be done with rasp making: "… it is Michel's fervent hope that sometime in the future he may be able to find a way to teach these secrets again and bring his … rasps back to market."

Editor's Note: The information in this article was updated on 1/20/2009. After closing its doors in October 2007, Auriou resumed operations in November 2008, and tools are once again in full production, being made at Forge de St Juery (FSJ) which is the new name for the old Auriou Toolworks. Auriou products are available from