If you cut a lot of thick stock or resaw lumber you might consider an 18-in. bandsaw, a major upgrade from the standard 14-in. bandsaw found in many woodworking shops. Contributing editor Roland Johnson reviews 18-in. bandsaws from 11 different manufacturers, assessing ease of blade changing, resaw performance, and overall quality of blade guides, fences, and tables. You'll also find a survey of four different styles of blade guides found on these models. Models include Agazzani B-18, Bridgewood PBS 440, Craftsman 22450, Delta 28-682, General 90-270, Grizzly GO506, Jet JWBS-18, laguna LT18SE, Lobo BS-0181, Rikon 10-340, and Woodtek 118-199.

From Fine Woodworking #170