Tablesaw Accessories

Tablesaws are central to many woodworking shops, and a long list of accessories make these versatile tools even more useful, and safer, than they already are. What Counts: • An accessory must fit your saw • Sturdy and accurateGuiding work on the rip
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Infinity Cutting Tools - Lock-Miter Jigs

Jig attaches to the bit with magnets

Infinity Cutting Tools - Throat Plate No. 100-335

(1 user review)

The aluminum plate has replaceable melamine-covered MDF inserts

Micro Jig - Grr-Rip Push Block

(4 user reviews)

The block has hooks on each end that automatically lower to lip over and grab the back end of a workpiece

MiterSet - Miter Gauge Setting Jig

(2 user reviews)

The MiterSet jig helps you set a standard tablesaw miter gauge to any angle up to 55° in 1/2° increments

Magswitch Technology Inc. - Pro Magnet Featherboard

(1 user review)

The Magswitch featherboard mounts anywhere using a knob that activates or deactivates the magnets that hold it in place

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